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Christina Clancy's work has appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Sun Magazine and in various literary journals, including Glimmer Train, Pleiades and Hobart. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Second Home is her first novel.

Genres: General Fiction
Christina Clancy recommends
Better Luck Next Time (2021)
Julia Claiborne Johnson
"Julia Claiborne Johnson captures the ambivalence and uncertainty of wealthy women on a dusty Nevadan 'divorce ranch' during the Depression, poised between husbands and between worlds, ripe for sisterhood and frightening yet exhilarating opportunities for adventure. This lively and surprisingly tender tale captures the wit of the South and the grit of the West, while asking age-old questions about the drawbacks and benefits of freedom and independence. Better Luck Next Time is a page-turner, and a treasure."
The Guncle (2021)
Steven Rowley
"Patrick is a famous bon vivant, caftan-wearing gay uncle with a fabulous house in Palm Springs. He’s an unlikely family member to help his niece and nephew work through their feelings of raw grief after their mother dies, but it turns out he’s exactly who the kids need—just as he needs them to help him address his own, less recent loss. Steven Rowley’s assured and moving page-turner is studded with laugh-out-loud humor and moments of profound feeling and insight. This book hit every note on my emotional register, and I savored it like an Aperol drunk poolside with friends on a hot, desert day."
A Summer to Remember (2021)
Erika Montgomery
"The perfect novel for a beach bag, complete with friendship, family and a dash of romance."
The Last Confessions of Sylvia P. (2022)
Lee Kravetz
"The Last Confessions of Sylvia P. is a page-turning joy full of surprise, mystery, and suspense. Notify all book groups!"
A Gracious Neighbor (2022)
Chris Cander
"Anyone who wishes they could choose their neighbors will relate to this simmering suburban drama. Chris Cander pits the power of compassion against the pressures of uniformity in this hugely entertaining drama. Cander explores the high cost of privacy, the insecurity behind our efforts to maintain appearances, and the risks we take to find out what's really going on behind closed doors."

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