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Charles Nuetzel

(Charles Alexander Nuetzel)
USA flag (1934 - )

aka Mark Allen, Blake Andrews, Albert Augustus, Jr, Jack Belmont, Alex Blake, Fredric Blake, J D Blake, Rex Charles, John Davidson, Carson Davis, Fred Davis, Jay Davis, Jack Donaldson, Charles English, Frank Ewing, Don Franklin, Donald Franklyn, George Frederics, Howard Jackson, Fritz Jantzen, David Johnson, Hal Lambert, Frank MacDonald, Fred MacDonald, Alec Rivere, Stu Rivers, Jack Turner, Jay West, Rita Wilde
Jean (as by Fred MacDonald)
Jungle Goddess (as by David Johnson)
Murder Most Terrible (as by Fred MacDonald)
Syndicate Woman (as by John Davidson)
Lost City of the Damned (1961) (as by Alec Rivere)
Sex Is My Business (1962) (as by John Davidson)
Never In Her Arms (1965) (as by John Davidson)
Whodunit? Hollywood style (1965)
Bikini Girl (1966) (as by Jay West)
Queen of Blood (1966)
Star Bitch (1967) (as by Don Franklin)
Born to Be Loved (1969) (as by Fred Davis)
Hollywood Mysteries (1969)
Jungle Jungle (1969)
Krista (1969) (as by Fred MacDonald)
The Slaves of Lomooro (1969) (as by Albert Augustus, Jr)
Swordmen of Vistar (1969)
Last Call for the Stars (1970)
Adapt or Die (2006)
Any One Can Die (2006) (as by George Frederics)
Bodies 4 Sale (2006) (as by John Davidson)
Gold Lust (2006) (as by Albert Augustus, Jr)
Midnight Lovers (2006) (as by Stu Rivers)
Murder Times 4 (2006)
One Summer of Love (2006)
Operation: Double Cross (2006) (as by George Frederics)
Parley in Passion (2006) (as by John Davidson)
Softly as I Kill You (2006)
Blues for a Dead Lover (2006) (as by John Davidson)
The Epic Dialogs of Mhyo (2006)
The Sex Cult Murders (2006)
The Casting Couchers (2006) (as by Stu Rivers)
Hollywood Nymph (2006) (as by Stu Rivers)
The Body Merchants (2007) (as by John Davidson)
Sex Queen (2007) (as by Stu Rivers)

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