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Sandra Newman is co-author of How Not To Write A Novel. She is the author of the novels The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done and Cake, as well as the memoir Changeling. She has taught writing and literature at Temple University, Chapman University, and the University of Colorado, and has published fiction and non-fiction in Harper's, Granta, and London's Observer, Telegraph, and Mail on Sunday newspapers, among other journals and newspapers.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Non fiction
Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Best Book nominee (2015) : The Country of Ice Cream Star

Sandra Newman recommends
The Binding (2018)
Bridget Collins
"A moving, spellbinding book with a powerful love story at its heart and one of the best twists I've read in a long time. I fell into and inhabited and loved it. Such a deeply enjoyable and nourishing novel."
The Paper Wasp (2019)
Lauren Acampora
"The Paper Wasp was a crazy joy ride of a novel; a bold and joyous take on female friendship, outsider ambition and the secret powers of loners. It gives us a heroine who is selfish, weird, manipulative, and sometimes just plain nasty, and makes us root for her with all our selfish, weird, manipulative, and nasty hearts. I loved every second of it."
Shuggie Bain (2020)
Douglas Stuart
"Shuggie Bain is an intimate and frighteningly acute exploration of a mother-son relationship and a masterful portrait of alcoholism in Scottish working class life, rendered with old-school lyrical realism. Stuart is a writer who genuinely loves his characters and makes them unforgettable and touching even when they're at their worst. He’s also just a beautiful writer; I kept being reminded of Joyce’s Dubliners. I loved this book."
Artifact (2020)
Arlene Heyman
"Artifact is an exquisite and deeply wise novel about a woman's coming of age as both a mother and a scientist. It's a bold, funny, brilliantly acute portrait of a person who pursues her intellectual ambitions in a world that treats her as unnatural for having them. Heyman's Lottie is stubbornly honest, unabashedly sexual and full of passionate love both for her family and her work. This is a thrilling book that-like all the best literature-leaves you feeling as if you've been through a major life experience and you're stronger for it."

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