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Sena Jeter Naslund is Writer in Residence at the University of Louisville, program director of the Spalding University brief-residency MFA in Writing, and current Kentucky Poet Laureate. Recipient of the Harper Lee Award and the Southeastern Library Association Fiction Award, she is editor of The Louisville Review and the Fleur-de-Lis Press. She is the author of the novels Ahab's Wife, Four Spirits, and Sherlock in Love and a collection of stories, The Disobedience of Water. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky.
Sena Jeter Naslund recommends
The Memory Keeper's Daughter (2005)
Kim Edwards
"Kim Edwards has written a novel so mesmerizing that I devoured it. . . . The Memory Keeper's Daughter has it all."
The Lady and the Poet (2009)
Maeve Haran
"I bury myself in the delicious delight of this novel... each chapter is more enticing than the one before."
Stolen Beauty (2017)
Laurie Lico Albanese
"Adele's suspenseful story and the terrifying narrative of her niece, Maria, capture both fin-de-siecle Vienna and the rise of Nazism. Like the paintings of Klimt, Stolen Beauty both glitters and darkens in its presentation of vibrant life and dreadful death."
A Fugitive in Walden Woods (2017)
(American Novels, book 4)
Norman Lock
"Bold and enlightening. . . . An important novel that creates a vivid social context for the masterpieces of such writers as Thoreau, Emerson, and Hawthorne and also offers valuable insights about our current conscious and unconscious racism."
Whole Worlds Could Pass Away (2017)
Rickey Gard Diamond
"Here is a bold and restless collection of short stories bursting with originality and energy."
The Revolution of Marina M. (2017)
(Revolution of Marina M., book 1)
Janet Fitch
"There's brilliance in this book: concept, structure, style. If the horrors associated with the Russian revolution freeze your blood, remember the fire and brimstone of our own Civil War. Read this novel for the passion of the main character, a girl becoming woman and poet with ten times the vitality and intellect of Scarlett O'Hara."
Winter Sisters (2018)
Robin Oliveira
"Winter Sisters commands the reader’s attention. Both a missing-person thriller and a courtroom drama that appeals powerfully to the heart, this novel shows a society on the brink of change at the end of the nineteenth century. While blizzard and floods ravage Albany, New York, on the domestic front, equally strong forces are changing the lives of the women who live there, who through their talent and bravery are creating new paths and raising the next generation of girls to be even more resilient than themselves."
In Our Midst (2020)
Nancy Jensen
"A thoroughly researched work of truth-telling, In Our Midst shines the light of 'liberty and justice' on our history and reveals another horror that must be acknowledged. Jensen knows how to transport the reader into the domestic side of WWII; through taste and touch, sight and sound, we are there. From joy and delight to despair and horror, every character struggles to create and sustain their unique authenticity. To survive, each character must learn to blend aspirations with realities."
Margreete's Harbor (2021)
Eleanor Lincoln Morse
"Margreete’s Harbor is a novel that embraces your neighborhood, then the people who live on the other side of the world; then you. It cradles us all and shakes us awake. If you don’t want to feel your heart expand or to live a bit closer to your own bones, don’t read this book. If you want to feel more, to understand more than you felt and thought yesterday, start reading and don’t stop."
The Promise of the Pelican (2022)
Roy Hoffman
"A thrilling novel, with characters as memorable as those of Shakespearean tragedy...I could not put it down."
Joan (2022)
Katherine J Chen
"Every era has a need to recast the French maiden warrior in a manner that renews her relevance. In Chen's transporting prose, you will meet a towering new Joan of Arc, one of amazing physical strength, kindness, loyalty, and endurance."

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