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John J Nance, a native Texan who grew up in Dallas, holds a Bachelor's Degree from SMU and a Juris Doctor from SMU School of Law, and is a licensed attorney. A decorated Air Force pilot veteran of Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield, he is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserve, well known for his involvement in Air Force human factors flight safety education. John has piloted many jet aircraft, including Boeing 727's, 737's, 747's, and Air Force C-141's and has logged over 13,000 hours of flight time in his commercial airline and Air Force careers. John flies his own aircraft and is a veteran Boeing 737 Captain for a major airline.

Genres: Thriller
Non fiction
   Splash of Colors (1984)
   Blind Trust (1986)
   On Shaky Ground (1988)
   What Goes Up (1991)
   Golden Boy (2003)
   Why Hospitals Should Fly (2008)
   Charting the Course (2012) (with Kathleen M Bartholomew)
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Tarmac (2002)
(Alex Shanahan, book 2)
Lynne Heitman
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The Mesa Conspiracy (2004)
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Paper Wings (2017)
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