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Sarah Penner is the debut author of The Lost Apothecary, to be translated in eleven languages worldwide. She works full-time in finance and is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Women's Fiction Writers Association. She and her husband live in St. Petersburg, Florida, with their miniature dachshund, Zoe. To learn more, visit

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical
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Meeting in Positano (2021)
Goliarda Sapienza
"Set amid the landscape of the enchanting, evolving Amalfi coast, Meeting in Positano pays homage to the mystifying and impenetrable affection between two women. It is like reading a love letter from the past, one rife with the truths about friendship that most of us wouldn’t dare utter aloud: desire, envy, nostalgia, adoration. Complex and evocative, this story is not to be missed."
The Pilot's Daughter (2021)
Meredith Jaeger
"I've long been a fan of Meredith Jaeger, and her latest, THE PILOT'S DAUGHTER, is her best work yet. Ambitious Ellie is looking for clues that her missing father, a WWII pilot, is still alive. But amid her search, she discovers he may have harbored a dark secret. Ellie's search begins to intermingle with the scandalous history of her aunt Iris, whose former experience as a showgirl brings us straight into the heart of the 1920s Jazz Age--rife with its own unsolved mystery. In this layered tale of mystery and discovery, Jaeger masterfully develops the characters of two brave women who ultimately find closure by way of determination, self-empowerment, and forgiveness."
The Magnolia Palace (2022)
Fiona Davis
"Rich with family drama, tangled romance, cryptic clues and long-buried secrets, The Magnolia Palace is sure to be loved by Fiona Davis's devoted and new readers alike. A can't-miss for anyone who has sauntered through an art museum and found themselves tempted to peek behind a painting or two..."
The Maid (2022)
Nita Prose
"It's impossible not to love Molly, an endearing, eccentric hotel maid. . . . As in any cozy whodunit, clean appearances may in fact hide a few smudges. The twists and surprises keep coming until the very last page of this delightfully fresh debut."
Bloomsbury Girls (2022)
Natalie Jenner
"A book lover's dream."
Hester (2022)
Laurie Lico Albanese
"Full of lush and colorful prose, this is a tale of one woman's determination and self-reliance amid the 'new world' of 19th-century Salem, which teems with festering secrets and alluring prospects. A message of resilience, Hester proves that a woman will do whatever she must to prosper, even when she is left with nothing but courage-and a few secrets of her own."
The Cloisters (2022)
Katy Hays
"Sultry and sinister...Hays's debut teems with sexual tension, the secrets of divination, and scholarly obsessiveness. With a jaw-dropping twist at the end, The Cloisters serves as a warning to us all: we may think we know what life has in store, but fate and fortune tend to turn their own tricks."
The Villa (2023)
Rachel Hawkins
"Cleverly-narrated via past and present timelines...The Villa teems with sexual tension, festering tempers, and questionable friendships. Hawkins' latest thriller reminds us that no matter what truths we think we've stumbled upon, writers cannot always be trusted--and certainly not the tales they tell."
The Secrets of Hartwood Hall (2023)
Katie Lumsden
"In her atmospheric debut, The Secrets of Hartwood Hall, Katie Lumsden enthralls us with a quintessential manor-home mystery. Fans of gothic literature will savor the peculiar characters, the abandoned corridors, the deceptions and twists behind every door... Ultimately a story about women and the haunting secrets they keep, Lumsden's debut reminds us never to trust first appearances. A mesmerizing debut!"
Weyward (2023)
Emilia Hart
"A spellbinding story about what may transpire when the natural world collides with a legacy of witchcraft."
The Golden Spoon (2023)
Jessa Maxwell
"Jessa Maxwell's debut is a deliciously entertaining whodunit - charming characters, baking mishaps, and a mouthwatering murder mystery. Readers and baking enthusiasts will savor every bite of The Golden Spoon."
The Last Beekeeper (2023)
Julie Carrick Dalton
"Dalton's second novel, The Last Beekeeper, buzzes with as much emotion and urgency as her debut, Waiting for the Night Song. It is so much more than a tale about bees: it's a story about humanity, determination, and honoring the delicate world in which we all live."
The House is on Fire (2023)
Rachel Beanland
"THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE by Rachel Beanland is precisely the sort of story that made me fall in love with historical fiction long ago: Beanland's sophomore novel sheds light on real events and real people, but it's reimagined in a way that allows readers to viscerally experience that fateful night in 1811--to watch, from their own theater seat, as bravery unfolds in real-time. THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE is gripping and imaginative, but Beanland takes great care with the story, paying homage to the unsung heroes who stepped forward during, and after, the tragedy. A heart-rending and remarkable story."
The Chateau (2023)
Jaclyn Goldis
"Four best friends, a luxe chateau in the French countryside, and a shocking crime: Jaclyn Goldis brilliantly balances sensuality and suspense. When I wasn't trying to figure out the whodunit, I was reveling in the book's luscious descriptions and millennial wit. A twisty, well-paced murder mystery that never fully lets go--readers will gasp, even at the final page. Brilliantly done."
The Second Ending (2023)
Michelle Hoffman
"To say I loved it would be an understatement; this was quite unlike anything I've read. The one-liners had me laughing nearly every page, and I found it so moving."
The Secret Book of Flora Lea (2023)
Patti Callahan Henry
"A spellbinding tale of hope and perseverance, The Secret Book of Flora Lea is as enchanting and whimsical as the Whisperwood fairytale hidden within its pages. It reminds us that a happily-ever-after isn't out of reach--so long as we heed the tiny voice within, whispering that the real magic of the story may be closer than we think."

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