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Lynda Cohen Loigman grew up in Longmeadow, MA. She received a B.A. in English and American Literature from Harvard College and a J.D. from Columbia Law School. She is now a student of the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, and lives with her husband and two children in Chappaqua, NY.

Genres: Historical

Lynda Cohen Loigman recommends
The English Wife (2018)
Lauren Willig
"Full of Gilded Age glamour and Gothic suspense, The English Wife will haunt readers long after the story ends. Willig draws us in immediately - not just with an opulent setting and sensational gossip - but with a crime so visually stunning, I was left gasping for air by the end of chapter one. From London to old New York, readers will be mesmerized. Willig's writing is so smart and her pacing so masterful that readers will be guessing until the very last page. The English Wife combines the all insight of Edith Wharton with the tension and intrigue of Daphne du Maurier. It is Willig at her very best and most compelling."
The Summer List (2018)
Amy Mason Doan
"In her mesmerizing debut, Amy Mason Doan challenges everything we think we know about family and forgiveness. Readers will be swept up in this haunting story of buried secrets and lost love."
The Subway Girls (2018)
Susie Orman Schnall
"This is a must read for fans of modern-day fiction and historical fiction alike. There is so much to love in this story - all the satisfying nostalgia of the post-war advertising world, and all the excitement of present-day New York."
Mother Country (2019)
Irina Reyn
"Heartbreaking and hopeful all at once, Irina Reyn's Mother Country, is a dazzling story of a mother's promise postponed, but never truly broken."
The Secret of Clouds (2019)
Alyson Richman
"In her new novel, Alyson Richman weaves storytelling magic with an extraordinary cast of characters: a compassionate young teacher, a precocious but ailing student, and an immigrant couple with a uniquely tragic past. Readers have come to expect Richman’s luscious prose and vivid details, but in The Secret of Clouds, she delivers even more – I was thoroughly captivated by this deeply personal tale of perseverance, acceptance, and the heart’s capacity for love."
The Chelsea Girls (2019)
Fiona Davis
"In her most impressive and ambitious novel yet, Davis has given us an expertly plotted and emotional tale of the aftermath of war, the insidious way that fear-mongering can divide us, and the unexpected ways that art brings us together. The Chelsea Girls is a masterfully crafted story of a bond between two women that is strong enough to overcome the heartache of war, the pressures of fame, and the gut-wrenching betrayal that accompanies dangerous secrets. This is one of the most powerful and moving stories of female friendship I have ever read."
A Fire Sparkling (2019)
Julianne MacLean
"A young woman’s quest to find the truth about her grandmother’s past reveals World War II intrigue, mistaken identity, and a labyrinth of romance, doubt, and lies. A Fire Sparkling is a satisfying and heartfelt page-turner that keeps readers guessing until the very last page. This book combines so many of my favorite things—long-held family secrets, surprising characters, and resilient women who fight for love."
House on Endless Waters (2020)
Emuna Elon
"Intricately woven and lushly layered...With achingly exquisite, delicate prose, Elon explores the creative mind's power to reimagine a life and memory's power to recognize truth. An unforgettable read."
Lady Clementine (2020)
Marie Benedict
"In her latest novel, Lady Clementine, Marie Benedict has gifted us all with another thoughtful and illuminating behind-the-scenes look at one of history's most unusual and extraordinary women. Benedict stuns readers with a glorious assortment of Clementine Churchill's most personal secrets: her scandalous childhood, her unexpected role as a social outsider, her maternal insecurities, and the daily struggles she faces to smooth her husband's political blunders and to keep up with his relentless demands for guidance and attention. With a historian's eye and a writer's heart, Benedict provides an unforgettable glimpse into the private world of a brilliant woman whose impact and influence on world events deserves to be acknowledged."
Lost Autumn (2020)
Mary-Rose MacColl
"With extraordinary insight and compassion, Mary-Rose MacColl has woven a captivating story of charming rakes, lost innocence, and the devastating consequences that sometimes result when we choose to place our trust in the wrong people. An exquisitely told and thoughtful tale."
The Boy and the Lake (2020)
Adam Pelzman
"The Boy and the Lake is a poignant and haunting coming-of-age story ... a multifaceted, evocative and masterfully told tale."
Millicent Glenn's Last Wish (2020)
Tori Whitaker
"Tenderly told and full of heart, Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish is a deeply satisfying story that hooked me from the first page. Tori Whitaker’s debut offers a fresh and poignant perspective on motherhood, loss, and, ultimately, forgiveness."
When We Were Young & Brave (2020)
Hazel Gaynor
"In When We Were Young and Brave, Hazel Gaynor gifts readers with an extraordinary and unique story of war—one unlike any we have read before...With skill, warmth, and delicate grace, Gaynor peels back the layers of research and fact to reveal the tender heart behind this fascinating piece of history."
The Secret Stealers (2021)
Jane Healey
"The Secret Stealers is a flawlessly crafted and engrossing story of the unexpected ways in which war changes who we are. Once again, Healey gifts readers with her trademark characters: everyday women who prove themselves to be extraordinary—women so relatable, so endearing, and so brave that they jump off the page and into our hearts."
The Show Girl (2021)
Nicola Harrison
"Harrison has created a heroine so complex and endearing, so utterly fearless and full of life, that readers will not be able to forget her. THE SHOW GIRL is a story as intricate and dazzling as one of Ziegfeld's legendary revues."
The Family (2021)
Naomi Krupitsky
"Compelling and electrically charged...The Family explores the darkness that lurks just below the surface of compulsory Sunday dinners, forced family vacations, and the crushing obligations of silence and obedience."
The Lobotomist's Wife (2022)
Samantha Greene Woodruff
"The Lobotomist's Wife is a stunning exploration of blind ambition gone awry and the sacrifices one extraordinary woman must make in order to protect innocent people from harm. Woodruff impresses both with her prose and her mastery of this challenging subject matter. Readers are sure to be drawn to this compelling and relatable debut."
Angels of the Pacific (2022)
Elise Hooper
"Elise Hooper's latest book is a meticulously researched, captivating story about WWII nurses serving in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. In Angels of the Pacific, Hooper pushes past the boundaries of the traditional war novel to reveal little-known details of the challenges endured by an extraordinarily brave and resilient group of women. Infused with Hooper's trademark heart and bountiful narrative abilities, this is a tale that shocks and inspires."
The Thread Collectors (2022)
Shaunna J Edwards and Alyson Richman
"The Thread Collectors is a gift - not only for lovers of historical fiction, but for readers everywhere who search for hidden truths behind the facts we think we know. Like the fearless, sensitive, and resourceful women they write about, Edwards and Richman have stitched together a glorious tapestry of resilience, survival, friendship, and love. This is a Civil War story unlike any other - a story readers will treasure from the very first page."

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