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When Alan Russell writes his novels, he always plays the "what if" game: What if you were the son of a serial murderer and it suddenly appears to the world as if you are repeating your father's sordid history? What if you are the holder of a grim secret with international consequences, but telling that secret implicates you in the death of an innocent? What if you are a homicide detective trying to solve a murder case in which the only witness is a young woman who offers up clues in the forms of her exotic multiple personalities?

Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Gideon and Sirius
   1. Burning Man (2012)
   2. Guardians of the Night (2015)
   3. Lost Dog (2016)
   4. Gideon's Rescue (2018)
   5. L.A. Woman (2019)
   6. The Last Good Dog (2021)
   Shame (1998)
   Exposure (2002)
   Political Suicide (2003)
   St. Nick (2013)
   A Cold War (2015)
Novellas and Short Stories
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Alan Russell recommends
Backstory (2022)
William L Myers Jr
"In Backstory, Myers delivers big time."
The Off-Islander (2019)
(Andy Roark Mystery, book 1)
Peter Colt
"Where were you in 1982? Peter Colt’s The Off-Islander is much more than a period piece. Colt’s maiden effort introduces P.I. Andy Roark trying to locate a mysterious missing person. The closer this former Vietnam vet gets to finding his mystery man, the more people seem to want him dead. Colt knows the terrain, and the character, and has the personal background to make the most out of them. The Off-Islander is a gripping debut, and readers will certainly want more."
Takeoff (2018)
(Seth Walker, book 1)
Joseph Reid
"Joseph Reid’s novel Takeoff is aptly named. This fast-paced novel takes off with a bang, and only gains speed from there. Reid’s protagonist, federal air marshal Seth Walker, is much more than a sky cowboy. When not saving lives (or taking them), Walker works on circuit drawings. Those drawings have earned him a number of patents, and might be the key to a new life, that is if Walker can survive his current travails, as well as past baggage. Assigned to guard sixteen-year-old pop phenom sensation Max Magic, Walker finds himself in the middle of deadly power struggle. To keep his charge alive, Walker needs to navigate currents most treacherous, and distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Reid writes like a seasoned pro, and yet this is his first novel. I am looking forward to more."

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Suspense Magazine February 2013 (2013)
(Suspense Magazine)
edited by
John Raab
The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories: Sixth Annual Edition (1997)
(Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, book 6)
edited by
Ed Gorman, Martin H Greenberg and Joan Hess

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1996 Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery Novel : The Fat Innkeeper

Award nominations
1997 Anthony Award for Best Novel (nominee) : Multiple Wounds

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