Roy Rockwood

Roy Rockwood is a Stratemeyer Syndicate house name that appeared on many series books, but the two most famous were Bomba the Jungle Boy and the Great Marvel Series. The lion's share of the latter were actually written by Howard Garis. Though Garis is commonly assumed to have written the Bomba books as well, the actual author was John Duffield. 
Dave Fearless
1. Rival Ocean Divers (1905)
     aka The Search for a Sunken Treasure
2. The Cruise of the Treasure Ship (1905)
     aka The Castaways of Floating Island
3. Dave Fearless and the Cave of Mystery (1908)
     aka Adrift on the Pacific
5. Dave Fearless Wrecked Among Savages (1926)
     aka The Captives of the Head Hunters
8. Captured By Apes (1926)
     aka Lost in Gorilla Land
9. Dave Fearless and the Mutineers (1926)
     aka Prisoners On the Ship of Death
15. Dave Fearless On the Lost Brig (1927)
     aka Abandoned in the Big Hurricane
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Dave Dashaway
2. Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane (1913)
Dave Dashaway and His Giant Airship (1913)
     aka A Marvellous Trip Across the Atlantic
Dave Dashaway Around the World (1913)
     aka A Young Yankee Aviator Among Many Nations
Dave Dashaway the Young Aviator (1913)
     aka In the Clouds for Fame and Fortune
Dave Dashaway Air Champion (1915)
     aka Wizard Work in the Clouds
Speedwell Boys
1. The Speedwell Boys On Motorcycles (1913)
     aka The Mystery of a Great Conflagration
2. The Speedwell Boys and Their Racing Auto (1913)
     aka Run for the Golden Cup
5. The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice Racer (1915)
     aka Lost in the Great Blizzard
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Bomba, the Jungle Boy
The Giant Cataract (1926)
     aka Chief Nascanora And His Captives
The Moving Mountain (1926)
     aka The Mystery of the Caves of Fire
The Abandoned City (1927)
     aka A Treasure Ten Thousand Years Old
Jaguar Island (1927)
Terror Trail (1928)
     aka The Mysterious Men from the Sky
Among the Slaves (1929)
     aka Daring Adventures in the Valley of Skulls
Bomba the Jungle Boy (1929)
The Swamp of Death (1929)
     aka The Sacred Alligators of Abarago
The Lost Explorers (1930)
     aka A Wonderful Revelation
The Underground River (1930)
     aka The Cave of Bottomless Pits
Among The Pygmies (1931)
     aka Battling with Stealthy Foes
The Cannibals (1932)
     aka Winning Against Native Dangers
The Painted Hunters (1932)
The River Demons (1933)
     aka Outwitting the Savage Medicine Man
The Hostile Chieftain (1934)
     aka A Hazardous Trek to the Sea
Trapped By the Cyclone (1935)
     aka Shipwrecked On the Swirling Seas
The Land of Burning Lava (1936)
     aka Outwitting Superstitious Natives
The Perilous Kingdom (1937)
     aka Braving Strange Hazards
The Steaming Grotto (1938)
     aka Victorious Through Flame And Fury
A Schoolboy's Pluck (1900)
     aka The Career of a Nobody
The Wizard of the Sea (1900)
     aka ATrip Under the Ocean
Through the Air to the North Pole (1906)
     aka The Wonderful Cruise of the Electric Monarch
Five Thousand Miles Underground (1907)
     aka The Mystery Of The Centre of The Earth
Jack North's Treasure Hunt (1907)
     aka Daring Adventures in South America
Under the Ocean to the South Pole (1907)
     aka The Strange Cruise of the Submarine Wonder
Through Space to Mars (1910)
     aka The Longest Journey On Record
Lost On The Moon (1911)
     aka In Quest Of The Field Of Diamonds
On a Torn-Away World (1913)
     aka The Captives of the Great Earthquake
The City Beyond the Clouds (1925)
     aka Captured By the Red Dwarfs
By Air Express to Venus (1929)
     aka Captives of a Strange People
By Space Ship to Saturn (1935)
     aka Exploring the Ringed Planet
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