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Amy Stewart is the author of seven books. Her latest, Girl Waits With Gun, is a novel based on a true story. She has also written six nonfiction books on the perils and pleasures of the natural world, including four New York Times bestsellers: The Drunken Botanist, Wicked Bugs, Wicked Plants, and Flower Confidential.  She lives in Eureka, California, with her husband Scott Brown, who is a rare book dealer. They own a bookstore called Eureka Books. The store is housed in a classic nineteenth-century Victorian building that Amy very much hopes is haunted.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Amy Stewart recommends
Relief Map (2016)
Rosalie Knecht
"Rosalie Knecht is a fierce and ferocious storyteller, with a gift for taking the ordinary and making it both beautiful and terrifying."
Girl in Disguise (2017)
Greer Macallister
"Electrifing... a rollicking nineteenth-century thrill ride."
Creatures of Will & Temper (2017)
(Creatures , book 1)
Molly Tanzer
"There has never been a better time for a spirited, feminist reinvention of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Molly Tanzer has taken a wickedly sensuous classic and transformed it into a lively supernatural tale featuring lovestruck teenagers, diabolical botanicals, mysterious paintings, and -- oh, yes -- demons. Creatures of Will and Temper is a wild ride from start to finish, beautifully and boldly written, and a most worthy successor to Oscar Wilde's scandalous novel."
The Body in Griffith Park (2019)
(Anna Blanc Mystery, book 3)
Jennifer Kincheloe
"A wild romp through turn-of-the-century Los Angeles...Anna Blanc is a blast!."
An Old Man's Game (2019)
(Amos Parisman Mystery, book 1)
Andy Weinberger
"Andy Weinberger has done something extraordinary with his first novel: he's written a truly great detective novel that is fresh and original, but already feels like it's a classic. In the tradition of Walter Mosley, Raymond Chandler, and Sue Grafton, semi-retired private eye Amos Parisman roams LA's seedy and not-so-seedy neighborhoods in pursuit of justice. I don't want another Amos Parisman novel--I want a dozen more!"
Clark and Division (2021)
Naomi Hirahara
"Clark and Division is a heart-stopping crime novel woven inextricably into another, much larger atrocity: the treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. The story of Aki Ito and her family, newly released from Manzanar, transports us to an often ignored moment in our own history, while holding a mirror to the present day. In this immersive and resonant tale, Naomi Hirahara has given us the very best of what we hope for from historical crime fiction: a novel that is both intensely researched and deeply felt. It is the story of a crime--many crimes--but it is also the story of a young woman's courage and triumphant spirit. Aki Ito is the kind of heroine that belongs not just to the past, but to every generation. We see ourselves in her tenacity, her sense of justice, and her love for her family."

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