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Cynthia Swanson

Cynthia Swanson is a writer and mid-century modern designer. She has published short fiction in 13th Moon, Kalliope, Sojourner, and other periodicals; her story in 13th Moon was a Pushcart Prize nominee. She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and three children.

Genres: Mystery
Cynthia Swanson recommends
The Woman in the Camphor Trunk (2017)
(Anna Blanc Mystery, book 2)
Jennifer Kincheloe
"Kincheloe’s memorable heroine, Assistant Matron Anna Blanc of the 1908 LAPD, has a new case to crack—this time in Los Angeles’s Chinatown, where issues of race, gender, and class collide. Readers will race through the pages to follow Anna and her dedicated colleague (and sometimes-beau) Detective Joe Singer as they work to discover who murdered a white missionary and left her body in a trunk in a Chinatown apartment. Current fans, as well as those new to Anna’s plucky spirit and quick wits, will find her latest adventure a delight."
True Places (2019)
Sonja Yoerg
"'Sometimes,’ Sonja Yoerg writes, ‘it takes a stranger to show you what should be obvious, how far you’ve drifted from who you want to be, from what’s right for you.’ In this engrossing and provocative novel, we meet Suzanne—a woman who (like many of us) asks herself: How did I end up living this life? Into Suzanne’s methodical suburban existence comes Iris: sixteen years old, formerly feral, and grappling to understand the excess of modern-day society. As Suzanne and Iris travel together—both literally and figuratively—their journey reveals not only the true places that reshape their own lives, but also those of the loved ones who speak to their hearts."
The Imperfects (2020)
Amy Meyerson
"The matriarch of a perfectly imperfect family bequeaths them the perfect diamond--but is it a family heirloom or stolen treasure? In this clever, meticulously plotted tale of secrets, family dynamics, and resilience, Amy Meyerson takes readers on a what-if journey filled with equal parts history, tenderness, and intrigue."
Leonora in the Morning Light (2021)
Michaela Carter
"An extraordinarily researched historical novel about the romance—and heartbreak—shared by Surrealists Leonora Carrington and Max Ernst at the dawn of WWII, Leonora in the Morning Light is both imaginative and riveting. With little prior knowledge of Carrington and her work, I became consumed by her story, as portrayed in Michaela Carter’s poetic, captivating narrative."

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