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Gordon D Shirreffs

USA flag (1914 - 1996)

Gordon Sheriffs published more than 80 western novels, 20 ofthem juvenile books, and John Wayne bought his book title, Rio Bravo, during the 1950s for a motion picture, which Shirreffs said constituted the most money I ever earned for two words. Four of his novels were adapted to motion pictures, and he wrote a Playhouse 90 and the Boots and Saddles TV series pilot in 1957.

A former pulp magazine writer, he survived the transition towestern novels without undue trauma, earning the admiration of his peers along the way. The novelist saw life a bit cynically from the edge of his funny bone, and described himself as looking like a slightly parboiled owl. Despite his multifarious quips, he was dead serious about the writing profession.

Genres: Western
   Rio Bravo (1956)
   Ambush on the Mesa (1957)
   Fort Vengeance (1957)
   Son of the Thunder People (1957)
   Last Train from Gunhill (1958)
   Massacre Creek (1958)
   Shadow Valley (1958)
   Roanoke Raiders (1959)
   The Lonely Gun (1960)
   The Rebel Trumpet (1960)
   They Met Danger (1960)
   The Gray Sea Raiders (1961)
   The Mosquito Fleet (1961)
   Powder Boy of the Monitor (1961)
   The Proud Gun (1961)
   Action Front! (1962)
   The Haunted Treasure of the Espectros (1962)
   Tumbleweed Trigger (1962)
   Voice of the Gun (1962)
   The Cold Seas Beyond (1963)
   Mystery of Lost Canyon (1963)
   Quicktrigger (1963)
   Slaughter at Broken Bow (1963)
   The Hostile Beaches (1964)
   The Secret of the Spanish Desert (1964)
   The Enemy Seas (1965)
   Barranca (1966)
   The Bolo Battalion (1966)
   Torpedoes Away! (1967)
   The Killer Sea (1968)
   The Mystery of the Lost Cliff Dwelling (1968)
   Blood Justice (1969)
   Jack of Spades (1970)
   Mystery of the Haunted Mine (1970)
   The Lone Rifle (1972)
   Too Tough to Die (1973)
   The Godless Breed (1974)
   The Manhunter (1974)
   Last Train from Gun (1975)
   The Marauders (1976)
   Legend of the Damned (1977)
   Top Gun (1977)
   The Brave Rifles (1977)
   Now He Is Legend (1979)
   Calgaich the Swordsman (1980)
   South West Drifter (1981)
   Arizona Justice (1983)
   The Valiant Bugles (1985)
   Range Rebel (1985)
   The Ghost Dancers (1985)
   Bugles on the Prairie (1986)
   Rio Diablo (1987)
   Hell's Forty Acres (1987)
   Brasada (1987)
   Trail's End (1987)
   Five Graves to Boot Hill (1987)
   The Code of the Gun (1988)
   Maximilian's Gold (1988)
   Ride a Lone Trail (1988)
   Hangin' Pards (1988)
   Last Man Alive (1988)
   Rio Desperado (1988)
   Renegade Lawman (1988)
   Shadow of a Gunman (1989)
   Gunslingers Three (1989)
   The Nevada Gun (1989)
   Apache Butte (1989)
   The Hidden Rider of Dark Mountain (1989)
   Fort Suicide (1989)
   The Walking Sands (1990)
   The Devil's Dance Floor (1994)
   Gunswift (1996)
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