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Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, as a child he imagined he would be a brain surgeon, until a spirit-crushing experience convinced him that in order to be a brain surgeon he would have to actually attend school, work hard, and master basic mathematics. After a severe head trauma, he chose instead to write stories and learn the high art of cocktail mixing, and spent the next twenty years in a pleasant haze of fiction and booze. He is the creator of the zine The Inner Swine, and the author of the books Lifers, The Freaks are Winning, The Electric Church, and The Digital Plague, not to mention numerous short stories.

Genres: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy

   Lifers (2001)
   Chum (2013)
Non fiction
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Slum Online (2010)
Hiroshi Sakurazaka
"Online slummer Etsuro's quest to find and defeat Ganker Jack is exhilerating, but his parallel search for love and purpose (and a blue cat) in Real Life is just as affecting. Intriguing, thought provoking, and unexpectedly action-packed!"
Within These Walls (2015)
Ania Ahlborn
"Ania Ahlborn is a great storyteller who spins an atmosphere of dread literally from the first page, increasing the mental pressure all the way through to the terrifying, chilling ending."

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