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M P Shiel

(Matthew Phipps Shiell)
UK flag (1865 - 1947)

aka Gordon Holmes

Matthew Phipps Shiel began life in the West Indies of Irish parentage and later studied languages and medicine in London, before the appearance of his first book PRINCE ZALESKI, in 1895. He subsequently wrote over thirty novels including such classic works as THE LORD OF THE SEA, THE YELLOW DANGER, HOW THE OLD WOMAN GOT HOME, and his science fiction masterpiece, THE PURPLE CLOUD.

   The Rajah's Sapphire (1886)
   The Yellow Danger (1898)
   Cold Steel (1899)
   Contraband of War (1899)
   The Man-Stealers (1900)
   The Lord of the Sea (1901)
   The Purple Cloud (1901)
   The Weird o' It (1902)
   Unto the Third Generation (1903)
   The Evil that Men Do (1904)
   The Lost Viol (1905)
   The Yellow Wave (1905)
   The Last Miracle (1906)
   The White Wedding (1908)
   The Isle of Lies (1909)
   This Knot of Life (1909)
   The Dragon (1913)
   Children of the Wind (1923)
   How the Old Woman Got Home (1927)
   Dr Krasinski's Secret (1929)
   The Black Box (1930)
   Say Au R'Voir But Not Goodbye (1933)
   This Above All (1933)
   The Young Men Are Coming (1937)
   Prince Zaliski (1967)
   The New King (1983)
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Books containing stories by M P Shiel
Out of the Past (2024)
Tales of Haunting History
(British Library Tales of the Weird, book 47)
edited by
Aaron Worth
Spectral Sounds (2022)
Unquiet Tales of Acoustic Weird
(British Library Tales of the Weird, book 33)
edited by
Manon Burz-Labrande

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