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David Tallerman

David Tallerman is the author of around a hundred short stories, as well as comic scripts and poems, countless reviews and articles and at least two novels. Many of these are already available in print, online and in podcast. Others are due to appear over the next few months - including the first of those novels, Giant Thief, to be published through Angry Robot in early 2012 with two sequels following close on its heels.Not liking to be pinned down, David's work ranges from gruesome horror to comic fantasy, from political science-fiction to tales about mechanically assisted grizzly bears battling Nazi dolphins on the moon.

Genres: Fantasy, Horror

   The Glass Parachute (2012) (with Matt D Edginton, Ben Godby, Alex J Kane, Jasmine Michaelson, Grayson Bray Morris, Rob Oxley, Martin L Shoemaker and S C Wade)
   Whispers from the Abyss (2013) (with Dennis Detwiller, Greg Van Eekhout, Josh Finney, Aaron J French, John R Fultz, Nick Mamatas, Tim Pratt, Greg Stolze and A C Wise)
   The Sign in the Moonlight (2016)
   Future Dreams (2018) (with Bradley Beaulieu, Brian Evenson, Gwyneth Jones, Laurie Penny and Rob Ziegler)
   Bubble Off Plumb (2018) (with Marie Brennan, Pepper Hume, Dan Kalin, E E King, Sarah M Lewis, Karen Over, Liz Schriftsteller, Mariah Southworth and Art Weil)
   Patchwerk (2016)
Non fiction
   The Outfit (2022)