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Karen E. Taylor is a horror/paranormal author, with eight published novels to date and an eclectic assortment of short fiction which ranges from vampires to ghosts to telepathic, romantic dinosaurs. She claims she starts out to write a "normal" story, but then her characters turn spectral or grow fangs or fur or wings. So she writes what she loves and hopes her readers love it too. She started writing her first novel (Beauty Like the Night) in 1988. It was that novel, published in 1993 under the title of Blood Secrets, that started Karen's career.

Genres: Urban Fantasy
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Karen E Taylor
Short stories
Blood of the Rose (1994)
The Mirrored Image (1995)
VampWare (1995)
The Presence [short story] (1996)

Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (2001) : Mexican Moon

Karen E Taylor recommends
Worse Than Death (2003)
Barbara J Ferrenz
"In her debut novel, Barbara J. Ferrenz demonstrates to readers that she is a writer to watch. With great characterization, realistic details, and a fascinating plot, Worse than Death will have you hooked from the first chapter."

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