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Mort Castle is a horror author, editor, and a writing teacher with more than 350 short stories and a dozen books to his credit.

Genres: Horror
   In Memoriam
   The Deadly Election (1976)
   The Strangers (1984)
   Cursed Be the Child (1990)
   So Many Tomorrows
   Moon on the Water (2000)
   Nations of the Living, Nations of the Dead (2002)
   The Spider Chronicles (2007) (with others)
   Killer Fiction (2010) (with others)
   Mighty Unclean (2012) (with others)
   New Moon on the Water (2012)
   Knowing When To Die (2018)
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Anthologies edited
   Shadow Show (2012) (with Eddie Campbell, Dave Eggers, Harlan Ellison, Maria FrAihlich, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Alice Hoffman, Charles Paul Wilson III, Audrey Niffenegger, Sam Weller, Sam Wheeler and Charles Yu)
   All-American Horror of the 21st Century (2016)
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Mort Castle
Short stories
Altenmoor, Where the Dogs Dance (1982)
Party Time (1984)
If You Take My Hand, My Son (1987)
Pop Is Real Smart (1989)
A Secret of the Heart (1990)
The Old Man and the Dead (1992)
Gotham City Spring: a suite (1993)
Buckeye Jim in Egypt (1995)
Upstairs, Downstairs, and All About Vampires (1995)
Teachers (1996)

Bram Stoker Best Collection nominee (2003) : Nations of the Living, Nations of the Dead
Bram Stoker Best Collection winner (2012) : New Moon on the Water

Mort Castle recommends
This Rancid Mill (2023)
(Alex Damage, book 1)
Kyle Decker
"Alex Damage is, in his own words, 'a private investigator, of sorts...' Which is like saying Gnossos Pappadopoulis, the protagonist of Farina's 1960s classic Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me is a college student. Gnossos unforgettably wended his picaresque way through a crazed 1960s psychedelic landscape. Alex Damage lives in--and wryly observes and obsessively comments on--our own not psychedelic but no less crazy times. What Been Down So Long was to my generation, Kyle Decker's This Rancid Mill will become to contemporary readers. It's smart, it's funny, it's memorable. It's not wrong to call this a brilliant novel."
Terror Peak (2022)
Edward J McFadden III
"Terror Peak gives us extreme sports, extreme weather, extreme geography, and an extreme monster. Toss in Chance, a genuinely extreme character whose name is not without symbolism, and you've got a book you can judge by the cover: Terror Peak is a terrific horror thriller."
The Nirvana Effect (2021)
Brian Pinkerton
"Quite simply, one of the best thriller guys you can find. No nonsense, no bloat, just thrill."

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