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Ashley Winstead writes about women finding meaning and catharsis across genres. She has a Ph.D. in English and lives in Houston with her husband, two cats, and beloved wine fridge.

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Ashley Winstead recommends
The Young of Other Animals (2024)
Chris Cander
"The Young of Other Animals is unlike any book I've read before - an intense, distinctive novel about mothers and daughters, generational trauma, and redemption. Part family drama, part mystery, and part dark comedy, this book is gutting in the way only the best literature, written by an author with immense skill, wisdom, and compassion, can be. What a knockout."
Till There Was You (2024)
Lindsay Hameroff
"Till There Was You is the best kind of love story--the kind where big, serious emotions live side by side with laugh-out-loud wit and glamorous escapism. Hameroff has written a celebrity romance that feels achingly real: a delicious, whirlwind tale of courtship amid rising fame (with one hell of a hot musician) that's still somehow grounded with a tender, thoughtful heart. I loved this assured debut and know it's destined for readers' favorites shelf."
A Step Past Darkness (2024)
Vera Kurian
"A Step Past Darkness is a tour de force of genre blending that delivers everything you could want in a novel: a mind-bending mystery, a charming team of ragtag outcasts, a romance to root for, a brilliant sendup of small-town politics and prejudices, and even a mine pulsing with dark magic. This book is fearless, unbound by space or time and willing to break rules and tackle hard, important questions. It will blow every expectation readers have out of the water (and I can't wait to watch). Utterly gripping and original."

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