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Megan Collins is a writer who lives and works in Connecticut. She received her B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Boston University, where she was a teaching fellow. She currently teaches creative writing at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts and Central Connecticut State University. She is Managing Editor of 3Elements Review. A Pushcart Prize and two-time Best of the Net nominee, her work has appeared in many print and online journals, including ComposeLinebreak, Off the Coast, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and Rattle.

Genres: Mystery
Megan Collins recommends
Her Daughter's Mother (2019)
Daniela Petrova
"Her Daughter's Mother has all the hallmarks of great psychological suspense: a compelling mystery, a cast of intriguing and suspicious characters, and plenty of stunning surprises. But it is the journey of the novel's protagonists--each trying to find family, connection, and redemption--that makes this page-turner a tender, moving story you won't soon forget."
Behind Every Lie (2020)
Christina McDonald
"Addictive and emotionally resonant, Behind Every Lie is a twisty, fast-paced thriller with secrets nestled inside secrets. Nothing is as it seems in this story exploring the sorrow and strength of brokenness, and with complex characters and a relentlessly compelling plot, you’ll be unable to stop reading it—or forget it once you do."
The Herd (2020)
Andrea Bartz
"Darkness swirls beneath the surface of the idyllic setting at the center of this thriller. From its gorgeously haunting opening to its spine-chilling final lines, The Herd delivers an astute exploration of female ambition in a world that tries like hell to keep women down. You won’t be able to stop reading this dazzling nail-biter until you unearth every last secret its characters keep buried."
The Girls Weekend (2020)
Jody Gehrman
"[An] exhilarating, atmospheric thriller exploring the darker side of friendship...dazzling prose and an eerily beautiful setting."
For the Best (2020)
Vanessa Lillie
"Twisty, unpredictable, and compulsively readable, For the Best deftly explores the intersections of healing and justice. Vanessa Lillie has created a riveting mystery about a woman desperate to remember what happened the night someone close to her was murdered—and she was named the prime suspect. Packed with surprises, this book will have you turning pages long into the night, right up until its stunning conclusion and beautiful last line."
They Never Learn (2020)
Layne Fargo
"Layne Fargo has created an instantly iconic character in Dr. Scarlett Clark, a serial killer who takes out abusive men and rapists at the college where she teaches. With stunning, dagger-sharp prose and a deliciously satisfying plot, They Never Learn is the feminist revenge thriller we need and deserve."
The Lady Upstairs (2020)
Halley Sutton
"Sultry, captivating, and electric with tension, The Lady Upstairs delivers a plot that must be devoured, in language that must be savored. With sharp, magnetic prose, Halley Sutton dives into the darkness of women's lives, illuminating how venom and vulnerability are often two sides of the same coin. Empowering and terrifying, this timely noir will keep you in its grip from its arresting first lines to its exquisite final chapter."
Call Me Elizabeth Lark (2021)
Melissa Colasanti
"Lyrical and riveting, Call Me Elizabeth Lark contains layers of mysteries that will surprise and thrill its readers. With heart-pounding twists, decades-old secrets, and complex characters knotted together by guilt and betrayal, this book is a stunning page-turner. I devoured it in a single day."
Girl, 11 (2021)
Amy Suiter Clarke
"Delectably tense and terrifying, GIRL, 11 introduces us to a dormant serial killer and the podcaster who will risk everything—even her own life—to uncover his identity. With psychological precision and electric storytelling, Amy Suiter Clarke has created a thriller that feels ripped from the headlines, her Countdown Killer becoming as real to the reader as the Golden State Killer or BTK. True crime fanatics will find their new obsession in this dark, page-turning debut."
A Dark and Secret Place (2021)
Jen Williams
"It’s dark as a Grimm fairy tale and brimming with secrets. With its terrifying story of a serial killer, and the woman who’s recently uncovered her mother’s connection to him, this novel will appeal to – and deeply chill – fans of true crime."
The Darkest Flower (2021)
(Allison Barton, book 1)
Kristin Wright
"The Darkest Flower is juicy, suspenseful, and wickedly fun. With pitch-black humor, a fresh and engrossing voice, and one of the most fascinating characters I’ve come across, Kristin Wright explores the toxicity of privilege—and its ability to poison people from the inside out. From its attention-grabbing first line to the chilling revelations of its conclusion, this book is a stay-up-all-night read."
The Family Tree (2021)
Nicole Mabry and Steph Mullin
"Chilling from page one, this twisted and twisty thriller is sure to keep you up at night – either because you can’t stop reading, or because you’re too afraid to sleep."
My Sweet Girl (2021)
Amanda Jayatissa
"MY SWEET GIRL is equal parts witty, chilling, and hypnotic, and it includes some of the creepiest lines and images I've ever read. By expertly pulling the strings of this riveting story, Amanda Jayatissa will have you thinking you know the answers to the book's layers of mysteries-until she upends every expectation with a series of shocking reveals."
Hello, Transcriber (2021)
Hannah Morrissey
"As poetic as it is suspenseful, Hello, Transcriber delivers a refreshing slant on the police procedural. With evocative prose, intriguing and layered characters, and a setting so vivid it infiltrated my dreams, Hannah Morrissey establishes herself as an exciting new voice in literary suspense."
Chloe Cates Is Missing (2022)
Mandy McHugh
"It's a mommy blog gone terribly wrong in this captivating debut from Mandy McHugh. CHLOE CATES IS MISSING has everything I want in a domestic thriller: propulsive storytelling, razor-sharp prose, disturbing behavior, explosive secrets, and a uniquely dysfunctional family. Settle in for this stunner; once you start reading, you won't be able to stop."
Blood Will Tell (2022)
Heather Chavez
"Blood Will Tell is not just a gripping story with layers upon layers of mysteries, nor is it simply a page-turner you'll stay up too late to read. It is all these things, but so much more, as well - namely, a propulsive and powerful thriller that questions how much we owe the people we love, and what lines we'll cross when it comes to protecting them."
Lacie's Secrets (2022)
Tullan Holmqvist and Teresa Sorkin
"Missing memories, a traumatic past, an eerie house, and explosive secrets combine in this fast-paced, haunting read with an ending that's sure to give you chills."
Last One Alive (2022)
Amber Cowie
"Cowie has done Agatha Christie proud in this stay-up-all-night, keep-all-the-lights-on mystery. With a setting that's remote, creepy, and possibly cursed--and a story both haunting and harrowing--Last One Alive will entertain you from the first disappearance to the final dead body."
Iris In The Dark (2022)
Elissa Grossell Dickey
"Iris in the Dark investigates the shadowy corners of one woman's past - and how they try to reclaim her, just as she finally finds some light. It's a moving and suspenseful story with prose as impactful as its characters' journeys. I read this one in a single sitting, pulled along by the novel's stunning revelations and Elissa Grossell Dickey's beautiful storytelling."
Kismet (2022)
Amina Akhtar
"Unsettling from the very first page, Kismet takes its readers on a wild ride set in Sedona's wellness community, featuring a serial killer, crystals, and kick-ass ravens. It's strange and smart and spellbinding, with sharp social commentary and huge surprises. Another eerie gem from Amina Akhtar."

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