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Amanda Eyre Ward was born in New York City, and graduated from Williams College and the University of Montana. Her short stories have been published in various literary reviews and magazines. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, geologist Tip Meckel. She is a regular contributor to The Austin Chronicle.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Romance, Mystery
Non fiction
Amanda Eyre Ward recommends
The Slow Moon (2006)
Elizabeth Cox
"I am always searching for the perfect read: A combination of eloquent sentences and a gripping narrative, and I was simply entranced by The Slow Moon. Each character is fully alive, and I savored discovering how one mistake transforms their town. This book is heartbreaking and hopeful."
Parallel Play (2007)
Thomas Rayfiel
"If Thomas Pynchon had suffered postpartum depression, he might have written a novel like Parallel Play. As Eve wanders through the first months of motherhood, her observations are hilarious, eerie, and unforgettable. This is a must-read for lovers of smart fiction and flummoxed mothers."
The Last Bridge (2009)
Teri Coyne
"Teri Coyne grabbed me from the first page and never let me go. I read through the night until I came to the last lovely chapter. The Last Bridge is a whirlwind of a book."
White Fur (2017)
Jardine Libaire
"White Fur is glorious: dark, dirty, and sexy, lit up with yearning and raw, young love. Libaire's sentences left me breathless. This is a Roman candle of a novel. I absolutely loved it."
My Name Is Venus Black (2018)
Heather Lloyd
"Lloyd has created a raw, rich character, who won me over completely. Her search for peace and belonging is utterly riveting."
The Real Michael Swann (2018)
Bryan Reardon
"What begins as a portrait of a modern marriage swiftly evolves into a shocking, complex examination of the American Dream--what it was, what it has become, and what remains. Both a love story and a brilliant social commentary, The Real Michael Swann moved me deeply and kept me turning pages deep into the night."
Big Woods (2018)
May Cobb
"Big Woods is a nuanced family story and also a heart-stopping thriller with surprising twists. Cobb taps into the fabulous 80s sensibility of Stranger Things and also into our deepest fears about safety, evil, trust, and the power of faith in what we don't understand. I couldn't put it down."
The House on Fripp Island (2020)
Rebecca Kauffman
"A novel full of secrets set in a stunning beach house is my definition of a perfect summer read ... Bring plenty of sunscreen when you take this book to the beach, you'll be reading all day long."
The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes (2020)
Elissa R Sloan
"I didn't know I was waiting for a smart, literary writer to craft a novel about the rise and fall of a teen star akin to Britney Spears until I discovered The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes. A witty, bright, hilarious—and at times devastating—read. I loved it."
Sorrow and Bliss (2020)
Meg Mason
"Sorrow and Bliss is hilarious, haunting, and utterly captivating. Meg Mason has created a heroine as prickly as Bernadette in Where’d You Go, Bernadette. Her humor is as arch and wise as the best work of Joan Didion and Rachel Cusk, yet completely original. What a thrilling new voice!"
Good Eggs (2021)
Rebecca Hardiman
"The novel is sheer delight, from the moment we meet the prickly, fabulous Millie Gogarty until her final surprise on the last page. What a pleasure to be immersed in the story of a tangled family who you just KNOW are going to come through in the end. I loved Good Eggs!"

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