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James White

UK flag (1928 - 1999)

James White was a prolific Northern Irish author of science fiction novellas, short stories, and novels. He was born in Belfast and returned there after spending early years in Canada.

He is probably best-known as the author of the Sector General series of novels. The first novels were assembled from strung-together short stories, but later Sector General adventures were written as full-length novels. The first Sector General novel was published in 1962, and the last published posthumously in 1999. The short-story collection The Aliens Among Us (1969) is also related to the Sector General series, since it includes the Sector General story "Countercharm" and the quasi-Sector General story "Occupation: Warrior".

His novel The Watch Below is considered by some aficionados to be his finest work - a claustrophobic book describing the travails of parallel survivors of war (human) and accident (alien).

"The Silent Stars Go By" is an excellent example of alternative history. A Gaelic visitor to Alexandria, Egypt, realizes the industrial potential of a primitive steam engine constructed by Hero. The resulting society launches a starship in the year 1492.

Genres: Science Fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by James White
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Short stories
The Apprentice
Counter Security
Christmas Treason (1961)
Invader (1966)
Vertigo (1968)
Blood Brother (1969)
Meatball (1969)
Major Operation [short story] (1971)
Commuter (1972)
Spacebird (1973)
Answer Came There None (1974)
Custom Fitting (1976)Hugo (nominee)
Something of Value (1985)
Un-Birthday Boy (1997)Hugo (nominee)

Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1966) : The Escape Orbit
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1977) : Custom Fitting
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1997) : Un-Birthday Boy