J T Williams

Genres: Fantasy
   Raven's Requiem (2014)
   In the Lair (2017) (with Brandon Barr, Jean Lowe Carlson, Jaime Castle, David Estes, Craig Halloran, DK Holmberg, Patty Jansen, Robert T Jeschonek, Dan Koboldt, Jonathan Moeller, Chris Pourteau, Steven Savile, M S Verish and Ben Wallace)
   Ragged Heroes (2018) (with Brandon Barr, David Estes, Lilian Oake, Andy Peloquin, Jason Paul Rice, Joshua Robertson, Sara C Roethle, M L Spencer and Phil Tucker)
   Beyond The Deepwoods: Volume One (2018) (with A J Antony, Jean Lowe Carlson, William Tyler Davis, A J Flowers, Joe Jackson, F Jayse, Damian Jeffrey, Rosalyn Kelly, Georgina Makalani, TJ Muir, Jacob S Nardi, Stefan M Nardi and Helena Rookwood)
   Beyond The Shadows: Volume One (2019) (with A Z Anthony, Lesley Donaldson, Joe Jackson, Matthew Johnson, Rosalyn Kelly, T J Muir, T O Munro, Jacob S Nardi and Stefan M Nardi)
J T Williams recommends
Web of Eyes (2018)
(Buried Goddess, book 1)
Rhett C Bruno and Jaime Castle
"Rich developed characters meet vivid descriptions and a twisted plot that keeps you turning the pages...an enthralling start to a promising series!"

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