Lee West

A pseudonym used by Steven Konkoly

Lee West is the pen name for a well-known constitutional scholar and liberty advocate. Lee resides in the heart of "fly-over" country, balancing a professional career, with the joys of a hectic family life, two tireless dogs, and a community of friends. Lee particularly enjoys spending time outdoors with family, regardless of the weather! From snowshoeing to kayaking, cross-country skiing to hiking, mountain biking to recreational shooting, Lee brings (drags!) the entire crew along--even if the dogs are the only willing participants.

As a military veteran, Lee has spent countless hours advocating on behalf of veterans for increased benefits, better representation and more equitable treatment by employers and the government. Lee stands proud with the millions of veterans who have sacrificed in the past to preserve liberty at home and abroad--and all of those who carry that torch forward today.

Lee has also spent a significant amount of time working closely with the selfless professionals comprising our justice system--from law enforcement agencies to our courts. The Blue Lives Apocalypse series is dedicated to the "men and women in blue," who show up without fail or question, whenever we need them.

Lee encourages you to reach out with questions about the series at leewestbooks@gmail.com.

Genres: Science Fiction