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Craig Zerf

Craig is lucky enough to have been voted as Best Read by BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom as well as receiving the Golganooza Gold Medal for Fantasy. His books have reached the Number One spot in both the UK and Europe.
He has lived in many different countries in the world including Africa, America, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. At the moment he has settled in England and, providing his paranoia does not intervene, he hopes to stay there for a while.
He does not like writing about himself in the third person and is convinced that it may very well lead to him suffering from a false feeling of superiority and the need to refer to himself in the majestic plural.
Craig writes Fantasy Novels under his own name as well as Thrillers under the Pseudonym, C. Marten-Zerf. He is currently working on his 5th series, “The Bloodborn Project” and trusts that it shall be received as well as his other books.
He steadfastly maintains that writing for a living is the most fun that you can legally have while not blowing stuff up. As a result he has had over twenty books published and the figure is rising on a steady basis. His novels have been translated into French, German, Portuguese and Italian.
Craig currently finds himself of no fixed abode.
He is not dead.

Genres: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy