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Gertrude Atherton

USA flag (1857 - 1948)

Atherton, was an American Feminist and writer of social and historical fiction, much of it set in California. Although her reputation is founded primarily on her California fiction and essays, as well as her biography of Alexander Hamilton, Atherton also produced a number of Gothic stories, some of them, such as The Bell in the Fog, were considered significant achievements in the Gothic/supernaturalist tradition.

Genres: Historical Romance
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Gertrude Atherton
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Short stories
Death and the Woman (1892)
The Striding Place (1896)
The Bell in the Fog [short story] (1905)
The Foghorn [short story] (1934)

Books about Gertrude Atherton
California's Daughter (1991) by Emily Wortis Leider