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Dorothy Gilman

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Dorothy Gilman was a United States author of mystery and spy fiction. She is most well-known for the Mrs. Pollifax series of spy novels, about spy and grandmother Emily Pollifax, who chooses to become a spy in her 60s, and who stars in fourteen books written over three decades. Gilman's books tends to feature unlikely heroines, often travelling to exotic locales.

Genres: Mystery
   Enchanted Caravan (1949)
   Carnival Gypsy (1950)
   Ragamuffin Alley (1951)
   The Calico Year (1953)
   Four Party Line (1954)
   Papa Dolphins Table (1955)
   Girl in Buckskin (1956)
   Witches Silver (1959)
   Masquerade (1961)
   Ten Leagues to Boston Town (1962)
   The Bells of Freedom (1963)
   Uncertain Voyage (1967)
   A Nun in the Closet (1975)
   The Tightrope Walker (1979)
   The Maze in the Heart of the Castle (1983)
   Incident At Badamya (1989)
   Caravan (1992)
   Thale's Folly (1999)
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