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Jane Arbor

(Eileen Norah Owbridge)
UK flag (1903 - 1994)

Eileen Norah Owbridge was born on September 8, 1903 and passed away in1994. Under the pseudonym Jane Arbor she wrote over 55 romance novel forMills & Boon from 1948 to 1985.

She started writing doctor-nurse romances,and many have been reedited with diferent titles, that included the words"nurse", "doctor" or "surgeon". Later, she focused her writing in foreignsettings like the continental Europe, the Caribbean, Morocco..
Each Song Twice Over (1948)
This Second Spring (1948)
Ladder of Understanding (1949)
Strange Loyalties (1949)
     aka Doctor's Love
By Yet Another Door (1950)
     aka Nurse in Waiting
No Lease for Love (1950)
     aka My Surgeon Neighbor
The Heart Expects Adventure (1951)
The Eternal circle (1952)
     aka Nurse Atholl Returns
Memory Serves My Love (1952)
Consulting Surgeon (1953)
     aka Flower of the Nettle
Such Frail Armour (1953)
     aka Nurse in Love
Folly of the Heart (1954)
     aka Nurse Harlowe
Jess Mawney, Queen's nurse (1954)
     aka Queen's Nurse
Dear Intruder (1955)
City Nurse (1956)
     aka Nurse Greve
Towards the Dawn (1956)
Yesterday's Magic (1957)
Far Sanctuary (1958)
No Silver Spoon (1959)
Sandflower (1959)
A Girl Named Smith (1960)
Nurse of All Work (1962)
Desert Nurse (1963)
Jasmine Harvest (1963)
Lake of Shadows (1964)
Kingfisher Tide (1965)
High Master of Clere (1966)
Summer Every Day (1966)
Golden Apple Island (1967)
     aka Golden Island
Stranger's Trespass (1968)
The Cypress Garden (1969)
The Feathered Shaft (1970)
Walk Into the Wind (1970)
The Other Miss Donne (1971)
The Linden Leaf (1971)
Wildfire Quest (1972)
The Flower on the Rock (1972)
The Imperfect Secretary (1973)
Roman Summer (1973)
The Velvet Spur (1974)
Meet the Sun Halfway (1974)
The Wide Fields of Home (1975)
Smoke into Flame (1975)
Tree of Paradise (1976)
A Growing Moon (1977)
Two Pins in a Fountain (1977)
Flash of Emerald (1977)
Return to Silbersee (1978)
Late Rapture (1978)
Pact Without Desire (1979)
The Devil Drives (1979)
Where the Wolf Leads (1980)
One Brief Sweet Hour (1980)
Invisible Wife (1981)
The Price of Paradise (1982)
Handmaid to Midas (1982)
House Of Discord (1983)
Lost Yesterday (1985)

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