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Donald J Bingle

USA flag (b.1954)

Author of GREENSWORD, a dark comedy about global warming. Author of Forced Conversion, a military science fiction novel set in the near future. Also author of a variety of short fiction in the fantasy, science fiction, horror, and comedy genres, and gaming material, including stories in the Dragonlance and Transformers universes and in a variety of DAW themed anthologies. World's top-ranked player of RPGA Classic roleplaying game tournaments from 1985-2000.
   Crimson Life / Crimson Death (2014)
   Christmas Carol Critique Collection (2016)
   Santa Clauses and Phrases (2016)
   Duty, Honor, Country (2017) (with Doug Beason, Ezekiel James Boston, J D Brink, M L Buchman and Harvey Stanbrough)
   Summer In The City (2017) (with Eugene Arffman, J D Brink, Brad Chambers, Russ Crossley, Leah R Cutter, Harambee K Grey-Sun, J A Marlow, Jean Rabe and Leslie Claire Walker)
   Eclectica (2019) (with M L Buchman, A L Butcher, Diana Deverell, Marcelle Dube, Thea Hutcheson, Debbie Mumford, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Harvey Stanbrough and Barbara G Tarn)
   Mind Games (2019) (with E B Dawson, Gene DeWeese, Michael Jasper, Jonathan Sean Lyster, Jean Rabe, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Rebecca M Senese, Lesley L Smith and Myst de Vana)
Series contributed to
Blue Kingdoms (with Jean Rabe and Stephen D Sullivan)
   3. Mages & Magic (2010)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Donald J Bingle
Short stories
An Elemental Conversation (1999)
Stew (2000)

Donald J Bingle recommends
The Golden Cord (2008)
(Iron Dragon, book 1)
Paul Genesse
"A good mix of action, angst, and romance. The Golden Cord has fine action sequences, like many a fantasy novel, but Paul Genesse takes the time to make the protagonist and his companions much more than hack and slashers. They have hopes, fears, doubts, secret motivations, and backstories that give the action gravitas. Plenty of swordplay and slaying for the action junkies, but also plenty of self-doubt and romance for those looking for a deeper story."

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