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Morgan Llywelyn

Ireland (b.1937)

Morgan Llywelyn is an American-born Irish author of historical fantasy, historical fiction, and historical non-fiction. Her fiction has received several awards and has sold more than 40 million copies, and she herself is recipient of the 1999 Exceptional Celtic Woman of the Year Award from Celtic Women International.

Morgan Llywelyn now lives outside of Dublin, Ireland, and has become an Irish citizen.

Genres: Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Morgan Llywelyn
Short stories
Princess (1988)
Untitled (1995)
The Repulsive Story of the Red Leech (1996)
Your Face Will Freeze Like That (1996)
Woman in a Wheelchair (1999)

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Best Book nominee (1981) : Lion of Ireland

Morgan Llywelyn recommends
Child of the Northern Spring (1987)
(Guinevere Trilogy, book 1)
Persia Woolley
"Richly detailed... romantic... its characters are vividly drawn."
Tam Lin (1991)
Pamela Dean
"A gorgeous book."
The Last Christmas of Ebenezer Scrooge (2003)
Marvin Kaye
"This is a magical, indeed a miraculous, story. Here is the vision of the Afterlife which Dickens did not address, but was the unanswered question at the end of his original tale. It is rare indeed when an author writes a sequel to some other author's work and does not diminish both. It's brilliant."
A Shadow in Summer (2006)
(Long Price Quartet, book 1)
Daniel Abraham
"From the opening lines, A Shadow in Summer carries us into an exotic, fantastic, yet utterly convincing world. Bravo! I look forward to the next book in the series."

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