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Nicola Griffith is a native of Yorkshire, England, where she earned her beer money teaching women’s self-defense, fronting a band, and arm-wrestling in bars, before discovering writing and moving to the US. Her immigration case was a fight and ended up making new law: the State Department declared it to be “in the National Interest” for her to live and work in this country. This didn’t thrill the more conservative power-brokers, and she ended up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, where her case was used as an example of the country’s declining moral standards.

In 1993 a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis slowed her down a bit, and she concentrated on writing.

Nicola, now a dual US/UK citizen, holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Anglia Ruskin University, is married to writer Kelley Eskridge, and lives in Seattle. Most of the time she is happily lost in the seventh century (writing the second novel about Hild, Menewood), emerging occasionally to drink just the right amount of beer and take enormous delight in everything.

Genres: Mystery, Historical, Fantasy
Aud Torvingen
   1. The Blue Place (1998)
   2. Stay (2002)
   3. Always (2007)
Light of the World Trilogy
   1. Hild (2013)
   2. Menewood (2023)
   Ammonite (1992)
   Slow River (1995)
   So Lucky (2018)
   Spear (2022)
Novellas and Short Stories
   With Her Body (2011)
   Cold Wind (2014)
Anthology series
Nicola Griffith recommends
The Warm Hands of Ghosts (2024)
Katherine Arden
"The Warm Hands of Ghosts is a miraculously warm fusion of the mud and bloody horror of war with the unquenchable power of love and the bond formed at the limits of human endurance. It's a magical and marvelous book."
One Two Three (2021)
Laurie Frankel
"One Two Three is a powerful and nuanced novel about hope, human frailty, and love. Laurie Frankel takes a clear-eyed look at the mess we make of the world when we privilege profits over people and, brilliantly, without flinching from the truth, allows no hint of contempt, disgust, or hatred to enter the conversation. Three sisters, Mab, Monday, and Mirabel, understand that you can’t fight old problems with traditional tools. Their gifts and differences and love for each other help them to understand that their mother-our mothers-can’t make the change the world needs. It’s up to the daughters to act, to move us forward, to tell a different story. It is the daughters who will save us. One Two Three is the blueprint for a true revolution."
Things We Lost to the Water (2021)
Eric Nguyen
"In Things We Lost to the Water, Eric Nguyen not only uses water to great effect but the prose itself feels like water: clear, powerful, and life-giving. While reading we believe that being loved and being flawed are not incompatible, nor belonging and being estranged. Nguyen helps us understand that we can all float if we let go of having to swim the same way to the same rhythm—we will find our own level in our own time. This is a beautiful book!"

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The Long List Anthology Volume 2 (2016)
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James Tiptree, Jr. Award Best Book winner (1993) : Ammonite
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book nominee (1994) : Ammonite
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (1996) : Yaguara
Nebula Awards Best Novel winner (1997) : Slow River
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2014) : Hild
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (2014) : Hild

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