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Iris Bromige's picture

Iris Bromige

UK flag (1912 - )

aka Anne Tracey

Iris Bromige was born in 1912, and as adult lived in Surrey, England. Her hobbies were gardening, collecting gramaphone records of opera and the classics, colour photography and bird-watching. She also enjoyed country walking with her husband and their dog, listening to music, going to the opera and trying to play the piano.

She was popular for her many novels, particularly those about the Courtland and Rainwood families.
Stay But Till Tomorrow (1946)
The Traceys (1946)
Chequered Pattern (1947)
     aka A Chance for Love
The Tangled Roots (1948)
Marchwood (1949)
The Golden Cage (1950)
April Wooing (1951)
The Youngest Rayburn (1951) (as by Anne Tracey)
The Frost and the Flower (1952) (as by Anne Tracey)
Laurian Vale (1952)
Love Will Venture (1952) (as by Anne Tracey)
The House of Conflict (1953)
     aka Shall Love Be Lost?
The Wind in the Reeds (1953) (as by Anne Tracey)
Dear Rebel (1954) (as by Anne Tracey)
Gay Intruder (1954)
Diana Comes Home (1955)
The Enchanted Garden (1956)
The New Owner (1956)
     aka Shifting Sands
A New Life for Joanna (1957)
The Conway Touch (1958)
Family Group (1958)
The Flowering Year (1959)
Fair Prisoner (1960)
The Second Mrs. Rivers (1960)
Alex and the Raynhams (1961)
Come Love, Come Hope (1962)
Rosevean (1962)
The Family Web (1963)
A House without Love (1964)
The Young Romantic (1964)
The Challenge of Spring (1965)
The Lydian Inheritance (1966)
The Stepdaughter (1966)
An April Girl (1967)
The Quiet Hills (1967)
Only Our Love (1968)
The Master of Heronsbridge (1969)
The Tangled Wood (1969)
Encounter at Alpenrose (1970)
A Sheltering Tree (1970)
A Magic Place (1971)
Golden Summer (1972)
Rough Weather (1972)
     aka Sweet Love Remembered
The Broken Bough (1973)
The Night of the Party (1974)
The Bend in the River (1975)
A Haunted Landscape (1976)
A Distant Song (1977)
The Happy Fortress (1978)
The Paths of Summer (1979)
One Day, My Love (1980)
Old Love's Domain (1982)
A Slender Thread (1985)
Farewell to Winter (1986)
The Changing Tide (1987)
The Years Between (1991)




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