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Anne Hampson

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aka Jane Wilby

Anne Hampson was born on November 28 in England. At age six she had twoambitions: to teach and to write. Poverty after WWI deprived her of aneducation and at 14 she was making Marks & Spencer's blouses at one shilling(5p) each.

She retired when she married. Later, when her marriage broke up, she washomeless with £40 in her purse. She went back to the rag trade and lived ina tiny caravan. But she never forgot her two ambitions, and when ManchesterUniversity decided to trial older women she applied, and three years laterhad achieved one ambition, so set her thoughts on number two.

In 1969, her first novel, Eternal Summer, was accepted five days fromposting and she soon had a contract for 12 more. From the caravan she wentto a small stately home, drove a Mercedes and sailed on the QE2. From thefirst book, came over 125 more written for Mills & Boon, Harlequin andSilhouette. Alan Boon (the Boon of Mills & Boon) and she came up with thetitle for 'Harlequin Presents' over lunch at the Ritz. She suggested to Alanthat they have a historical series. He told her to write one - it was done ina month, entitled Eleanor and the Marquis under the pseudonym Jane Wilby.She has the distinction of being number one in Harlequin Presents,Masquerade and Silhouette. Many of "Presents" have been reprinted many times(some as many as 16) and are now fetching up to $55, being classed as "rare"books.

She has had 3 awards, one at the World Trade Centre where she received astanding ovation from her American fans, who had come from many states justto meet her.

She has written her autobiography, entitled Fate Was My Friend.

She is retired, but in 2005 she wrote two romance and crime novels, both ofwhich were published by Severn House.
The Autocrat of Melhurst (1969)
Eternal Summer (1969)
Precious Waif (1969)
Unwary Heart (1969)
Beyond the Sweet Waters (1970)
By Fountains Wild (1970)
An Eagle Swooped (1970)
Gates of Steel (1970)
The Hawk and the Dove (1970)
Heaven Is High (1970)
Isle of the Rainbows (1970)
Love Hath an Island (1970)
When the Bough Breaks (1970)
Stars of Spring (1971)
Wings of Night (1971)
Gold Is the Sunrise (1971)
Waves of Fire (1971)
South of Mandraki (1971)
Petals Drifting (1971)
Dark Hills Rising (1971)
The Rebel Bride (1971)
Follow a Shadow (1971)
The Plantation Boss (1972)
There Came a Tyrant (1972)
Wife for a Penny (1972)
Beloved Rake (1972)
Dark Avenger (1972)
Enchanted Dawn (1972)
Master of Moonrock (1972)
The Fair Island (1972)
A Thousand Stars (1972)
Dear Plutocrat (1973)
Dear Stranger (1973)
When the Clouds Part (1973)
A Kiss from Satan (1973)
Blue Hills of Sintra (1973)
After Sundown (1973)
Stormy the Way (1973)
Windward Crest (1973)
Hunter of the East (1973)
Boss of Bali Creek (1973)
The Black Eagle (1973)
Unwanted Bride (1973)
The Way of a Tyrant (1974)
Moon Without Stars (1974)
Fetters of Hate (1974)
Stars Over Sarawak (1974)
Not Far from Heaven (1974)
Pride and Power (1974)
Two of a Kind (1974)
Where the South Wind Blows (1975)
Flame of Fate (1975)
Reap the Whirlwind (1975)
South to Capricorn (1975)
Autumn Twilight (1975)
Jonty in love (1975)
Dangerous Friendship (1976)
Song of the Waves (1976)
A Man to Be Feared (1976)
Sunset Cloud (1976)
Dear Benefactor (1976)
Hills of Kalamata (1976)
Call of the Outback (1976)
Satan and the Nymph (1976)
South of the Moon (1976)
Fire Meets Fire (1976)
Isle at the Rainbow's End (1976)
Bitter Harvest (1977)
Man of Importance (1977)
Harbour of Love (1977)
Sweet Is the Web (1977)
Isle of Desire (1977)
Fly Beyond the Sunset (1977)
Beloved Vagabond (1977)
The Shadow Between (1977)
Call of the Veld (1977)
Leaf in the Storm (1978)
Under Moonglow (1978)
Moon Dragon (1978)
Master of Forrestmead (1978)
To Tame a Vixen (1978)
For Love of a Pagan (1978)
Eleanor and the Marquis (1978) (as by Jane Wilby)
Bride for a Night (1979)
Coolibah Creek (1979)
A Rose from Lucifer (1979)
Chateau in the Palms (1979)
Temple of the Dawn (1979)
Man of Consequence (1979) (as by Jane Wilby)
Lord of Locharrun (1980) (as by Jane Wilby)
Call of the Heathen (1980)
Payment in Full (1980)
Pagan Lover (1980)
Laird of Locharrun (1980)
Stormy Masquerade (1980)
The Dawn Steals Softly (1980)
Second Tomorrow (1980)
Man of the Outback (1980)
Man Without a Heart (1981)
Shadow of Apollo (1981)
Where Eagles Nest (1981)
Enchantment (1981)
Desire (1981)
A Kiss and a Promise (1982)
Stardust (1982)
Fascination (1982)
South of Capricorn (1982)
Strangers May Marry (1982)
Realm of the Pagans (1982)
Man Without Honour (1982)
Another Eden (1982)
The Tender Years (1982)
To Buy a Memory (1982)
The Dawn Is Golden (1983)
Devotion (1983)
Dreamtime (1983)
Soft, Velvet Night (1983)
When Love Comes (1983)
Spell of the Island (1983)
Love So Rare (1983)
There Must be Showers (1983)
Sweet Second Love (1984)
Destiny (1988)
A Touch of Romance (1988)
Pemberley Place (1997)
Legacy of Hate (1998)
The Night Is Ours (2005)
The Dead Can't Kill (2005)


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