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Kimberly Brock is the award-winning author of The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare and The River Witch. She is the founder of Tinderbox Writers Workshop and has served as a guest lecturer for many regional and national writing workshops including at the Pat Conroy Literary Center. 
She lives near Atlanta with her husband and three children.


Genres: Historical

   A Cup of Christmas (2014) (with Morgen Bailey, Tori Bailey, Jackie Bouchard, Doug Dahlgren, Kerry Alan Denney, Karen E Martin, R Leonia Shea and Renea Winchester)
Kimberly Brock recommends
Dreaming in Chocolate (2018)
Susan Bishop Crispell
"In a world where people too often lose faith in second chances, happy endings, heart’s desires and homemade miracles, Susan Bishop Crispell’s Dreaming in Chocolate makes me a believer again. This tender story about unthinkable loss and the strength of a family’s love to bring them together as they face a future that is uncertain, is a reminder that the most powerful magic any of us possesses is hope."
A Lily in the Light (2019)
Kristin Fields
"Kristin Fields masterfully explores the personal disappearances that take place inside each of her characters when the youngest child in the family goes missing in an unsolved abduction. Fields’s understanding of the power of art and movement to transport and comfort, along with her empathy for a sister who otherwise feels powerless as her own life is changed forever by unanswered fears, questions and guilt, draws the reader along to a complex conclusion. Heartbreaking and compelling, A Lily in the Light is a revelation of what it is to lose yourself and come home again."
Millicent Glenn's Last Wish (2020)
Tori Whitaker
"A beautifully told and astonishing tale of the mysterious ties that hold a family together…Rich in detail and imbued with compassion, these characters struggle toward necessary forgiveness of a shocking maternity ward tragedy that feels all too relevant, even today. Whitaker cuts close to the bone from page one!"

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