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Russell Hoban's picture

Russell Hoban

(Russell Conwell Hoban)
USA (1925 - 2011)

Russell Hoban is the author of many extraordinary novels including TURTLE DIARY, THE LION OF BOAZ-JACHIN AND JACHIN-BOAZ, KLEINZEIT, PILGERMANN, ANGELICA'S GROTTO and AMARYLLIS NIGHT AND DAY, and THE BAT TATTOO, all available from Bloomsbury. He has also written some classic books for children including THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD and THE FRANCES books. He lives in London.


Picture Books
What Does It Do and How Does It Work? (1959)
The Atomic Submarine (1960)
Bedtime For Frances (1960)
Herman the Loser (1961)
The Song in My Drum (1962)
London Men and English Men (1963)
Some Snow Said Hello (1963)
A Baby Sister for Frances (1964)
Bread and Jam For Frances (1964)
Nothing to Do (1964)
The Sorely Trying Day (1964)
Tom and the Two Handles (1965)
What Happened When Jack and Daisy Tried to Fool the Tooth Fairies (1965)
Charlie the Tramp (1966)
Good-night (1966)
Henry and the Monstrous Din (1966)
The Little Brute Family (1967)
Save My Place (1967)
The Stone Doll of Sister Brute (1968)
Best Friends for Frances (1969)
Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas (1969)
Harvey's Hideout (1969)
The Mole Family's Christmas (1969)
The Story of Hester Mouse Who Became a Writer (1969)
Ugly Bird (1969)
A Bargain for Frances (1971)
The Sea-thing Child (1972)
Letitia Rabbit's String Song (1973)
How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen (1974)
Ten What? (1974)
Dinner at Alberta's (1975)
Crocodile and Pierrot (1975)
A Near Thing for Captain Najork (1975)
Arthur's New Power (1978)
The Twenty-Elephant Restaurant (1978)
The Dancing Tigers (1979)
La Corona and the Tin Frog (1979)
Ace Dragon Limited (1980)
Flat Cat (1980)
The Serpent Tower (1981)
The Great Fruit Gum Robbery (1981)
     aka The Great Gumdrop Robbery
They Came from Aargh! (1981)
The Flight of Bembel Rudzuk (1982)
Jim Frog (1983)
Big John Turkle (1983)
Charlie Meadows (1984)
Lavinia Bat (1984)
The Rain Door (1986)
The Marzipan Pig (1986)
Ponders (1988)
Jim Hedgehog's Supernatural Christmas (1989)
Monsters (1989)
Jim Hedgehog and the Lonesome Tower (1990)
M.O.L.E. (1993)
The Court of the Winged Serpent (1994)
Monster Film (1995)
Trouble on Thunder Mountain (1999)
Jim's Lion (2001)
Rosie's Magic Horse (2012)

John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel winner (1982) : Riddley Walker
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1982) : Riddley Walker

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