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Michael Bunker

Michael Bunker is a bestselling author, off-gridder, husband, and father of four children. He lives with his family in a "plain" community in Central Texas, where he reads and writes books...and occasionally tilts at windmills. He is the author of several popular and acclaimed works of dystopian sci-fi, including the WICK series, The Silo Archipelago, and the Amish/Sci-Fi thriller Pennsylvania, as well as many nonfiction works, including the bestseller Surviving Off Off-Grid. Michael was commissioned by Amazon.com through their Kindle Worlds program to write a serial in the World of Kurt Vonnegut. That book is entitled Osage Two Diamonds, and it debuted on Dec. 17, 2013.
Michael was recently interviewed in a Medium.com article that will give you more background and insight into his life and works...

Genres: Science Fiction
Last Pilgrims
1. The Last Pilgrims (2012)
1. Wick (2012)
2. The Charm School (2013)
3. Exodus (2013)
4. One Word of Truth (2013) (with Chris Awalt)
The Wick Omnibus (omnibus) (2013)
Silo Archipelago
Refuse (2013)
Renew (2013)
Resist (2013)
The Silo Archipelago (omnibus) (2013)
Dunes Over Danvar
1. Dunes Over Danvar (2014)
2. Salvage (2014)
3. Sand Hawk (2014)
Bombo Dawson & Alistair Foley (with Kevin G Summers)
2. Legendarium (2014)
Tunnel Rats (with Nick Cole)
1. The Diggers (2016)
Series contributed to
Apocalypse Weird
1. Texocalypse Now! (2015) (with Nick Cole)
Apocalypse Weird: Last Meal (2015) (with Jason Anspach, Stefan Bolz, Nick Cole, Jennifer Ellis, Hank Garner, Ed Gosney, Kevin G Summers and Kim Wells)
Non fiction
Michael Bunker recommends
How White People Die (2014)
Ernie Lindsey
"An intense and sometimes funny southern cop drama that dares you to figure out what is going on."
Tales from Pennsylvania (2014)
David Gatewood and Chris Pourteau
"I can think of few things more satisfying to me as an Author than to learn that other Authors want to write stories in a world I created."

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