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RC Bridgestock is a co-author team between husband and wife Robert (Bob) & Carol Bridgestock.

So what makes the couple qualify to write in the crime genre?

With nearly half a century of combined police experience, we try to bring unique insight and experience from how real life cases are conducted into our fiction. Our hope is that this adds authenticity rarely seen in British crime fiction, coupled with warmth, humour and humanity that we experienced during our careers. If you've read any of our stories we hope you enjoyed being immersed in the world we create as much as we enjoyed imagining it and that our passion for entertaining crime fiction coupled with our insight into the enquiry room of a major case comes from the pages of our work.

Genres: Mystery
D.I. Jack Dylan
   1. Deadly Focus (2009)
   2. Consequences (2012)
   3. White Lilies (2013)
   4. Snow Kills (2013)
   5. Reprobates (2014)
   6. Killer Smile (2015)
   7. When the Killing Starts (2016)
   8. When a Killer Strikes (2017)
   9. Poetic Justice (2019)
DI Charley Mann
   1. Payback (2020)
   2. Condemned (2021)
   3. Persecution (2021)
   4. Vengeance (2022)

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