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Richard Bausch is an American novelist, and Moss Chair of Excellence in English at the University of Memphis. He holds a B.A. from George Mason University, and an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa. His novels usually focus on American family life. He is a contributor of short stories to various periodicals, including Harper's, Ploughshares, Esquire, Atlantic, and The New Yorker. His work has also been represented in anthologies, including O. Henry Prize Stories and Best American Short Stories. He is the twin brother of Robert Bausch.

Awards: PEN (2004)  see all

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Real Presence (1980)
   Take Me Back (1981)
   The Last Good Time (1984)
   Mr. Field's Daughter (1989)
   Violence (1992)
   Rebel Powers (1993)
   Good Evening Mr and Mrs America, and All the Ships at Sea (1996)
   In the Night Season (1998)
   Hello to the Cannibals (2002)
   Thanksgiving Night (2006)
   Peace (2008)
   Before, During, After (2014)
   Playhouse (2023)
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Western Alliances (2023)
Wilton Barnhardt
"There's a line in this capacious, deeply satisfying and riotous novel about how the U.S 'has skipped smilingly through history.' Well, that's been my experience reading through this story about the adventures, crossing the wide world, of Roberto and Rachel Costa. Wilton Barnhardt's novel belongs on the first shelf of our grownup pleasures. Don't miss it."
The Long Answer (2022)
Anna Hogeland
"A brilliantly constructed novel about women, and about the power of love in the heart of one woman through whom these female souls are elucidated, their passions, their terrible losses, and their bravery. These characters breathe on the page, and their stories are moving and involving. Anna Hogeland is a wonderfully talented writer."
The Orchard (2022)
Between Dog and Wolf

Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry
"The Orchard is a beautiful portrayal of life lived in enormous change and upheaval, rooted in the history of a vast country. It is a novel worth of the master, Chekhov, whose great play we see echoed in it."

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2004 PEN/Malamud Award

Award nominations
2010 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction (nominee) : Something Is Out There
1982 PEN/Faulkner Award (nominee) : Take Me Back

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