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(E Annie Proulx)
USA flag (b.1935)

Annie Proulx published her first novel Postcards in 1991 at the age of 56. She is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Shipping News, the acclaimed novel, Accordion Crimes, and the bestselling short story collection, Close Range.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Wyoming Stories
   1. Close Range (1999)
   2. Bad Dirt (2004)
   Wyoming Stories Box Set (2008)
   Postcards (1992)
   The Shipping News (1993)
   Accordion Crimes (1996)
   Brokeback Mountain (1997)
   That Old Ace in the Hole (2002)
   Barkskins (2016)
   Heart Songs (1988)
   Brokeback Mountain and Other Stories (2005)
   Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay (2005) (with Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana)
   Wyoming Stories (2007)
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Annie Proulx recommends
Clear (2024)
Carys Davies
"This intriguing and inventive story escorts the reader to an unexpectedly joyous ending that hints at our contemporary interest in new ideas of what a family might be. The writing style is one of clarity and reserved sensibility punctuated with an end-game needle jab. Not to be missed."
Walk the Darkness Down (2023)
Daniel Magariel
"The book's briny geography lies between Florida and Cape May-aboard a scallop-fishing vessel with a near-psychotic crew, in the kitchen of Marlene, derailed by an old and guilty grief, into the thoughts and violent actions of Les, her bedeviled husband. We catch our breath at the impulsive decisions of Josie, a young prostitute whom Marlene has befriended. Magariel is our Virgil, guiding us through this inferno with sentences like burning flags. The characters' chained lives chafe against each other. We work through the difficulties of tenderness, the luxury of hurtful words, the jagged psychologies of male bonding, loneliness, misunderstanding and isolation. We struggle with the characters to reclaim vanished affections, to face self-knowledge, and, finally, to try to repair the fragile cracked-glass splinters of love that lie underfoot. We long for the characters to make the right choices. This is one for readers who appreciate fine writing and can take punches from the shoulder."
Blue Skies (2023)
T C Boyle
"Is climate change funny? Yes, in the brilliantly imaginative T. C. Boyle's hands, in a terrifying way. Blue Skies is both comic and wrenching. . . . A black arrow of unimaginable horror shoots through the novel's center, and Boyle leads us to contemplate the 'inexpressible sadness at the heart of everything' -and a morsel of the world's inexpressible beauty."

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