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Sydney J Bounds

(Sydney James Bounds)
UK flag (1920 - 2006)

aka S J Bounds, Earl Ellison, Rex Marlowe, James Marshal, Wes Sanders, Clifford Wallace

Sydney James Bounds was an English author. He wrote as Sydney J. Bounds and S. J. Bounds, as well as under the pen names Clifford Wallace, James Marshall, Earl Ellison and Rex Marlowe. He wrote over forty novels and hundreds of short stories, many published under pseudonyms or anonymously. He was best known for his science fiction, but also wrote horror, Westerns, mysteries and juveniles.

Bounds was unmarried. He lived in Kingston upon Thames until May, 2006, when he moved to Telford, Shropshire. Hospitalized in fall of that year, he died on November 25, 2006 at the age of 86. Starting in 2007 his name has been honored by the British Fantasy Awards' Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award (a revival of the earlier Icarus and Newcomer Awards), which is sponsored and funded by his estate.

Genres: Mystery, Western
   Mink Makes a Good Shroud (1950) (as by Earl Ellison)
   Carla's Revenge (1951)
   Dragnet (1951)
   Gunman's Revenge (1951) (as by James Marshal)
   Hell Hath No Fury (1951) (as by Rex Marlowe)
   Dimension of Horror (1953)
   The Moon Raiders (1955)
   The World Wrecker (1956)
   Gunhand (1957) (as by Wes Sanders)
   Mission of the Brains (1957)
   The Robot Brains (1957)
   Boomerang (1990)
   Vermillion Springs' Vendetta (2000)
   A Man Called Savage (2000)
   Savage's Feud (2002)
   The Savage River (2003)
   Border Savage (2004)
   Savage: Manhunter (2004)
   Terror Rides the West Wind (2005)
   Two Times Murder (2005)
   Savage's Trap (2005)
   Enforcer (2006)
   The Girl Hunters (2006)
   The Cleopatra Syndicate (2007)
   Savage Rides West (2007)
   Murder in Space (2007)
   Shadow of the Noose (2008)
   Sword Of Damocles (2008)
   The Eden Mystery (2009)
   Killer Unmasked (2010)
   The Predators (2010)
   The Vanishing Man (2010)
   Foreign Assignment (2012)
   Savage's Quest (2012)
   Seance Of Terror (2013)
   Canyon Killer (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   Cross Trails Marshal (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Long Chase (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Black Hood Gang (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   Ghost Town (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   Poison Springs' Feud (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Black Rider (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   Nemesis Rides The Trail (2016) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Fighting Blacksmith (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Lost Coach (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   Shadow of the Noose (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   Border Gold (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Other Cisco Kid (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   Texas Gunfighter (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Yaqui Trail (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   Gun Brothers (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   Vermilion Springs' Vendetta (2017) (as by S J Bounds)
   The Windhaven Encounter (2018)
   Guns at Rimrock Creek (2019) (as by S J Bounds)
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