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Robert Reginald

USA flag (1948 - 2013)

aka M R Burgess, Michael Burgess, Boden Clarke, C Everett Cooper, Lucas Webb

Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fantasy
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Non fiction series
Non fiction
   Stella Nova (1970)
   Cumulative Paperback Index, 1939-1959 (1973) (as by M R Burgess)
   Contemporary Science Fiction Authors (1975)
   Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (1980) (with Mary A Burgess and Douglas Menville)
   The House of the Burgesses (1981) (as by Michael Burgess)
   Reginald's Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards (1981) (with Daryl F Mallett)
   Tempest in a Teapot (1983) (with Jeffrey M Elliot)
   A Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (1984) (as by Michael Burgess)
   The Work of Jeffrey M. Elliot (1984) (as by Boden Clarke)
   The Work of Robert Reginald (1985) (as by Michael Burgess)
   The Work of Julian May (1985) (with Thaddeus Dikty)
   Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual (1985) (as by Boden Clarke)
   Futurevisions (1985)
   The Work of Charles Beaumont (1986) (as by Boden Clarke) (with William F Nolan)
   Mystery and Detective Fiction in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (1988) (as by Michael Burgess)
   Western Fiction in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (1988) (as by Michael Burgess)
   The Work of William F. Nolan (1988) (as by Boden Clarke) (with James Hopkins)
   The Arms Control, Disarmament, and Military Security Dictionary (1989) (with Jeffrey M Elliot)
   The Work of Reginald Bretnor (1989) (with Scott Alan Burgess (as by Boden Clarke) )
   The Work of Colin Wilson (1990) (as by Boden Clarke) (with Colin Stanley)
   The Work of Brian W. Aldiss (1991) (with Margaret Aldiss (as by Boden Clarke) )
   Reference Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (1991) (with Lisa R Bartle (as by Michael Burgess) )
   Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature 1975-91 (1992) (with Mary A Burgess and Daryl F Mallett)
   The Work of Elizabeth Chater (1993) (as by Boden Clarke) (with Annette Y Mallett and Daryl F Mallett)
   British Science Fiction Paperbacks and Magazines, 1949-1956 (1994) (as by Michael Burgess) (with Philip Harbottle, Stephen Holland and Daryl F Mallett)
   The Work of Jack Vance (1994) (as by Boden Clarke) (with Jerry Hewett and Daryl F Mallett)
   The Work of William F. Temple (1994) (with Mike Ashley (as by Boden Clarke) )
   Sermons in Science Fiction (1995) (as by Michael Burgess) (with Mary S Weinkauf)
   The Work of Gary Brandner (1995) (as by Boden Clarke) (with Martine Wood)
   The Work of George Zebrowski (1996) (as by Boden Clarke) (with Jeffrey M Elliot)
   Science Fiction and Fantasy Statistics (1996)
   The Work of Pamela Sargent (1996) (as by Boden Clarke) (with Jeffrey M Elliot)
   BP 250 (1996) (with Mary A Burgess)
   Xenograffiti (1996)
   Zephyr and Boreas (1997) (with George Edgar Slusser)
   The Work of Louis L'Amour (1998) (as by Boden Clarke) (with Hal Hall)
   Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Supplement, `87 (2002)
   Murder in Retrospect (2005) (as by Michael Burgess) (with Jill H Vassilakos)
   Classics of Fantastic Literature (2005) (with Douglas Menville)
   Trilobite Dreams, Or, the Autodidact's Tale (2006)
   Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review (2009) (with Neil Barron)
   The Work of Katherine Kurtz (2009) (with Mary A Burgess (as by Boden Clarke) )
   Choice Words (2010)
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Books about Robert Reginald
Robert Reginald recommends
Feud at Sweetwater Creek (1987)
Frank Cannon (Ardath Mayhar)
"A fantastic western, with well-drawn characters, a strong sense of the post-Civil War environment, and plenty of shoot-'em-up action. Once again Mayhar just blows us away!"
The Amulet (1991)
(Amulet, book 2)
A R Morlan
"She drives the stake of horror right through the center of your quivering heart!"
Island in the Lake (1993)
(Mesa, book 2)
Ardath Mayhar
"Another superb vision of preshistoric AmerIndian America by a master writer. Great reading!"
In the Flesh (2009)
(Biotech Revolution)
Brian Stableford
"A master of the SF short story."

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