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Alan Campbell was born in Falkirk, Scotland, and grew up there, before moving on to to study Computer Science at Edinburgh University. After graduating, he worked for DMA Design, Visual Sciences and Rockstar, developing video games: Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64, Formula One 2000 for the Playstation, and the Grand Theft Auto series on the PC and PS2. After finishing Vice City, Alan left to pursue a career in photography and to write.His first book, Scar Night, sold to Tor in the UK and Bantam in the US. He is now living in South Lanarkshire, busy working on the second volume of the Deepgate Codex.

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Deepgate Codex
1. Scar Night (2006)
2. Penny Devil (2008)
     aka Iron Angel
3. God of Clocks (2009)
Lye Street (2008)
Damnation for Beginners (2012)
Gravedigger Chronicles
1. Sea of Ghosts (2011)
2. Art of Hunting (2013)