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John W Campbell

USA flag (1910 - 1971)

aka Don A Stuart

John Wood Campbell, Jr. was an important science fiction editor and writer. As a writer he was first influential under his own name as a writer of super-science space opera and then under the name Don A. Stuart, a pseudonym he used for moodier, less pulpish stories.

Genres: Science Fiction
Series contributed to
   Analog (1961)
   Analog 1 (1963)
   Analog 6 (1966)
Anthologies edited
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Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by John W Campbell
Short stories
Double Minds
Out of Night
Atomic Power (1934) (as by Don A Stuart)
Twilight (1934) (as by Don A Stuart)
Night (1935)
The Brain Stealers of Mars (1936)
Other Eyes Watching (1937)
Who Goes There? (1938) (as by Don A Stuart)
The Cloak of Aesir (1939) (as by Don A Stuart)
"What Do You Mean...Human?" (1959)