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Julia Claiborne Johnson

ulia Claiborne Johnson worked at Mademoiselle and Glamour magazines before marrying and moving to Los Angeles, where she lives with her comedy-writer husband and their two children.

Genres: Historical
Julia Claiborne Johnson recommends
The Cactus (2018)
Sarah Haywood
"If, like me, you never stopped to think what a child born of The Rosie Project's Don Tillman and Bridget Jones might be like, there's one way to find out. Read Sarah Haywood's The Cactus."
The Italian Party (2018)
Christina Lynch
"The Italian Party is a fizzy, page-turning delight that begs for a Campari and soda!"
The Last Equation of Isaac Severy (2018)
Nova Jacobs
"I so hated saying goodbye to the brainy eccentrics in the Severy clan that I started this book all over again as soon as I finished it. Can’t wait to see the fresh surprises I’ll find now that I’m in on a few of their secrets."
The Roxy Letters (2020)
Mary Pauline Lowry
"Bawdy, frank and laugh-out-loud funny, The Roxy Letters brings to antic life all the hilarity and peppy horrors of being rootless and questing in your twenties."
A Star Is Bored (2020)
Byron Lane
"I didn't go into this expecting a love story, but the one here between a Hollywood assistant and his famous, hilarious and deeply lonely boss came very close to breaking my heart."
The Social Graces (2021)
Renée Rosen
"Meticulously researched and absolutely absorbing, The Social Graces chronicles the eye-popping extravagances and catty magnificence of the brassy nouveau riches who fought to seize control of high society during the Gilded Age. I can't remember the last book that made me gasp 'Oh, no!' as many times at unexpected reversals. The pages all but turned themselves!"

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