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John H. Cunningham is the author of the best selling, seven book, Buck Reilly adventure series, which includes Red Right Return, Green to Go, Crystal Blue, Second Chance Gold, Maroon Rising, Free Fall to Black, Silver Goodbye and White Knight.

Through the years, John has been a bouncer at a Key West nightclub, a diver, pilot, magazine editor, commercial developer, song writer and global traveler. He has either lived in or visited the many island locations that populate the series, and has experienced or witnessed enough craziness and wild times to keep the Buck Reilly series flowing. John mixes fact with fiction and often includes real people in his novels, like Jimmy Buffett, Chris Blackwell, Matt Hoggatt, Thom Shepherd, Dave McKenney, Keith Sykes, Marius Stakelborough, Bruno Magras and Bankie Banx to augment the reader's experience.

Adhering to the old maxim, "write what you know," John's books have an authenticity and immediacy that have earned a loyal following and strong reviews. Buck Reilly is a reflection of us all, including our frailties, strengths, dreams, fears, successes, failures, mistakes and occasional victories. No government agency, team of soldiers, unlimited cash, or secret agents are coming to Buck's rescue, because, well they're not coming to rescue us either, are they?

John lives in Virginia and Key West, and spends much of his time traveling. His choices for the places and plots that populate the Buck Reilly series include many subjects that he loves: Key West, Cuba, Jamaica, and multiple Caribbean settings, along with amphibious aircraft, colorful characters, and stories that concern themselves with the same tensions and issues that affect all of our lives.

Genres: Historical
John H Cunningham recommends
Coastal Breeze (2019)
(Bluewater Breeze, book 1)
Ed Robinson
"Coastal Breeze grabs you by the hair and swings you around from the very beginning, leaving us and Breeze bleary eyed. Life in the mountains is over as he knows it, but the good news (for us readers) is that Breeze heads back to the water, and Ed Robinson does a beautiful job in bringing us all along with him. New boat, old friends, and new enemies make Coastal Breeze the edge of your seat read we expect from this author. As the protagonist himself says, 'It's good to be back.' We agree!"

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