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Ryan Cahill was born in Dublin, Ireland. He was lucky enough to be born to parents that cherished books and adored stories. With every book they read, they brought it to life. A different voice for every character. A different setting for each world. A different facial expression for each sarcastic joke. It was because of this, Ryan fell in love with the craft of storytelling.

Growing up with authors such as J.K.Rowling, Terry Prachett and J.R.Tolkien—before discovering the worlds of Christopher Paolini, George R.R.Martin, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson—Ryan was always immersed in the art of worldbuilding. In the creation of a world that could transport you to a place in your mind where nothing else could ever reach you.

At the age of seven, Ryan even attempted to write his own book; to create his own world. It didn’t go to plan. Seven-year-olds don’t tend to have much follow through.

Genres: Fantasy
New Books
September 2023

The Ice
(Bound and the Broken, book 3)
Bound and the Broken
   0.5. The Fall (2021)
   1. Of Blood And Fire (2021)
   2. Of Darkness and Light (2021)
   2.5. The Exile (2022)
   3. Of War and Ruin (2023)
   3.5. The Ice (2023)
Ryan Cahill recommends
The Judas Blossom (2023)
(Nightingale and the Falcon, book 1)
Stephen Aryan
"The Judas Blossom is relentless, unforgiving, and inescapable. Packed with ever expanding webs of intrigue, the story drags you kicking and screaming from page to page. The burn starts off slow, but once the stage is set the plot moves like a runaway train."

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