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Stephen Clarke

UK flag (b.1958)

Before A Year in the Merde, Stephen had never written anything longer than a report on British coffee-drinking habits. Inspired partly by the culture shock on his arrival in Paris in September 2002, and partly by the enviable sales figures of Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence, Stephen started keeping a diary of his experiences. He turned the journal into a novel when Anglo-French relations were at their worst during the Iraq War of spring 2003. Stephen is still living in Paris with his French girlfriend and her lingerie collection.
Paul West
   1. A Year in the Merde (2004)
   2. Merde Actually (2005)
     aka In the Merde for Love
   3. Merde Happens (2007)
   4. Dial M for Merde (2008)
   5. The Merde Factor (2012)
   6. Merde in Europe (2016)