Barbara Davis

Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical, Mystery
Barbara Davis recommends
Swan Light (2023)
Phoebe Rowe
"There is nothing not to love about Phoebe Rowe's debut novel. Flawlessly researched and wholly immersive, Swan Light is a story about the importance of honoring the past. Rowe writes beautifully and takes readers on a journey to places both old and new, reminding us that sometimes the things we're looking for are looking for us too."
The Emerald Necklace (2023)
Linda Rosen
"A clear-eyed and timely story about the joy of second acts, the unshakeable bonds of friendship, and honoring the choices others make, even when they differ from our own."
Snap Out of It (2023)
Maddie Dawson
"Maddie Dawson's Snap Out of It is as delightful as it is original. Protagonist Billie Slate is on a one-woman mission to rid the world of unnecessary heartbreak - while dressed in a bunny suit. The consequences are both messy and magical. Dawson has given us an utterly charming story that manages to be both light and profound; it is a clear-eyed and sometimes laugh-out-loud look at the complications of grown-up love with an important lesson at its heart: healing is always possible when we keep our heart open to the possibilities of love."
Over Her Dead Body (2022)
Susan Walter
"Over Her Dead Body is a whodunnit with more twists and turns than a boardwalk roller coaster, where secrets abound and nothing is what it seems. If you're looking for a book that will keep you turning pages deep into the night, Susan Walter has absolutely written one."
Improbably Yours (2022)
Kerry Anne King
"If you're looking for a book with all the feels, Kerry Anne King's latest novel is it. Woven with a hint of magic and a heartwarming cast of characters, Improbably Yours is the story of a young woman determined to fulfill her dead grandmother's last wish, only to find herself on the trail of long-buried secrets and an unexpected path to self-discovery. A treasure of a novel about finding your true place in the world and embracing the life you were meant to live."
A Spanish Sunrise (2022)
Boo Walker
"Boo Walker's A Spanish Sunrise is a beautifully written tale about overcoming grief, embracing the true meaning of family, and resurrecting lost dreams. Walker takes a deep dive into grief's many guises, yet manages to deliver a story that is both heartfelt and hopeful. A splendid cast of characters and settings that positively come to life on the page make this one of the most satisfying books I've read in a long time. Clear-eyed, thoughtful, and thoroughly charming, A Spanish Sunrise is the perfect escape!"

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