Barbara Davis

Genres: Historical, Literary Fiction, Mystery
Barbara Davis recommends
Christmas at the Chalet (2018)
Anita Hughes
"Another delicious treat...Christmas at the Chalet transports readers to a world of glamour and romance, and reminds us that a fairytale wedding isn't just about the dress. It's about making sure the right Prince Charming is waiting at the end of the aisle."
A Lily in the Light (2019)
Kristin Fields
"What happens when a four-year-old vanishes without a trace, when a family is unshaped and long-held dreams begin to unspool—when you don’t even know what to hope for anymore? These are the questions Kristin Fields deftly explores in her beautifully written debut A Lily in the Light. Honest, heartfelt, and at times wrenching, Fields’s novel exposes every heartache and raw nerve of her compellingly flawed characters, touching on the many ways we punish ourselves and those we love when life leaves us feeling powerless—and how we must ultimately learn to forgive."
Wildland (2020)
Rebecca Hodge
"Storytelling at its best . . . A detailed and gripping page-turner you won’t want to put down but will also want to slow down and savor."
A Million Little Lies (2020)
Bette Lee Crosby
"Steeped in secrets and southern charm, A Million Little Lies is both heartwarming and heartbreaking; a tale about forgiveness, family, and what it means to finally find your true home."
A Borrowed LIfe (2020)
Kerry Anne King
"Kerry Anne King’s A Borrowed Life is both beautifully written and unflinchingly honest. A cautionary tale about the insidious ways we allow others to keep us small, it’s also a lesson on the enormous power of love and friendship, and how the people in our lives can lend us strength as we grow, cheering us on to be our best lives and who we are truly meant to be. This story with its wonderful cast of characters is one that will grab you by the heart and refuse to let go."
Memories in the Drift (2020)
Melissa Payne
"Memories in the Drift is an unforgettable story about forgiveness, compassion, and the incredible power of community, offering us a poignant reminder of what real courage looks like, and what it truly means to fight for the life you were meant to live."
The Magic of Found Objects (2021)
Maddie Dawson
"Maddie Dawson has hit another one out of the park with this charming tale about what happens when your head tells you to settle but your heart keeps whispering something else. Funny, poignant, and beautifully clear-eyed, The Magic of Found Objects is a delightfully grownup coming of age story, peopled with quirky, real-life characters who remind us that sometimes before we can open the door to the future, we must first open our hearts to the past."
A Day Like This (2021)
Kelley McNeil
"The best books are those that force us into another’s shoes, into their joys and sorrows, their loves and their losses. Kelley McNeil’s A Day Like This is one of those books. A thoughtful tale rich in both question and possibility, plumbing the mysteries of diverging paths, roads not taken, and the journey toward self-acceptance. This beautiful debut is guaranteed to echo long after the last page is turned."
Parting the Veil (2021)
Paulette Kennedy
"If you love a gothic tale full of twists and turns and things that go bump in the night, Paulette Kennedy’s Parting the Veil is a not-to-be-missed treat. This debut is the perfect book to curl up with on a stormy night, but don’t expect to put it down easily. And don’t forget the Earl Grey and biscuits."
The Passing Storm (2021)
Christine Nolfi
"Christine Nolfi’s The Passing Storm is a poignant and clear-eyed story about second chances, reawakening the heart, and having the courage to reclaim the life you were meant to live. Nolfi dives deep into the well of human emotions as her characters fight to right their journeys after life’s storms have blown them off course, showing us that sometimes the bravest thing of all is facing our own truth."

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