Barbara Davis

Genres: Mystery
Barbara Davis recommends
Christmas at the Chalet (2018)
Anita Hughes
"Another delicious treat...Christmas at the Chalet transports readers to a world of glamour and romance, and reminds us that a fairytale wedding isn't just about the dress. It's about making sure the right Prince Charming is waiting at the end of the aisle."
A Lily in the Light (2019)
Kristin Fields
"What happens when a four-year-old vanishes without a trace, when a family is unshaped and long-held dreams begin to unspool—when you don’t even know what to hope for anymore? These are the questions Kristin Fields deftly explores in her beautifully written debut A Lily in the Light. Honest, heartfelt, and at times wrenching, Fields’s novel exposes every heartache and raw nerve of her compellingly flawed characters, touching on the many ways we punish ourselves and those we love when life leaves us feeling powerless—and how we must ultimately learn to forgive."

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