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MADDIE DAWSON lives in Connecticut. She is happily married.

Genres: General Fiction, Romance
Maddie Dawson recommends
I Wish You Happy (2017)
Kerry Anne King
"Kerry Anne King has written a novel that will grab you right from page one and then take you zipping along, breaking your heart and making you laugh, both in equal measure. It’s a lovely story about how we save ourselves while we try to save those around us. I loved it!"
Beside Herself (2019)
Elizabeth LaBan
"A heartfelt and surprising novel about discovering just what love really means."
The Other Family (2020)
Loretta Nyhan
"Ally Anderson has a problem any parent can relate to: she’ll do anything to save her daughter’s life. Kylie has severe allergies that seem to be getting worse. When Ally enlists the help of an unconventional doctor who has a protocol that might help, she finds more than she bargained for as she embarks on a journey that leads her to her birth family as well as a new philosophy of life and love. Written with Loretta Nyhan’s trademark humor and compassion, The Other Family is a beautiful, suspenseful story of hope standing up to fear in a world where we never have the control we wish for."
The Bright Side of Going Dark (2020)
Kelly Harms
"Kelly Harms has once again knocked it out of the park with this charming, funny, topical novel about an online influencer who undergoes an unexpected transformation. I honestly had to put my whole life on hold while I read it—laughing and sighing through the clever twists and turns of this plot. Who among us hasn’t wondered what it takes to be a person who posts photographs fifty times a day? You’ll fall in love with @Mia&Mike as well as the whole cast of wonderful characters. A novel that shines with surprise—and will make you want to turn off your phone and go play with your dog."
Rules for Moving (2020)
Nancy Star
"Nancy Star has written a beautiful, luminous novel filled with quirky characters so real you want to bring them home with you and give them some tea and a hug. This book has it all: an advice columnist who is struggling to follow her own best advice; an adorable little boy who has decided to stop talking; and an eccentric family that is burdened with secrets and rules. There is love and laughter and sweetness—and Star’s insightful writing and humor sweep us right to the heart of things. I loved every page!"
This Secret Thing (2020)
Marybeth Mayhew Whalen
"When a suburban mom is arrested and jailed for prostitution, the emotional fallout is devastating to her shocked friends and neighbors, her family members, even the detective investigating the case. But no one is hit harder than her teenage daughter, who must figure out a way to cope. In This Secret Thing, Marybeth Mayhew Whalen has written a psychological thriller, with engaging characters and plot twists that kept me turning the pages long past my bedtime. I read it in one sitting because I simply couldn’t stop!"
Don't Make Me Turn this Life Around (2021)
Camille Pagán
"Oh my goodness! Camille Pagán has achieved such an exquisite, delicate balance, writing a profoundly moving novel that expresses both the beauty and heartbreak of loving other people. Don’t Make Me Turn This Life Around is everything: funny and warm and scary and sad and reassuring—just like real life. I read this in one sitting because I simply couldn’t stop."
For the Love of Friends (2021)
Sara Goodman Confino
"When Lily Weiss agrees to be a bridesmaid in five weddings over six weeks, she finds herself and her bank account stretched to the breaking point in this hilarious novel filled with bridal meltdowns, handsome and obnoxious groomsmen, meddling mamas, wayyyyy too much Spanx, and one supposed-to-be-anonymous blog that allows Lily to vent. Sara Goodman Confino hits every note just right, with pitch-perfect dialogue and a healthy, fun dose of snark, along with plenty of love and warmth. A laugh-out-loud read."

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