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Terry Dowling

Australia (b.1947)

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Graphic Novels
   Flinch (2009) (with James Barclay, Chris Bolton, Chris Bones, Ray Fawkes, Michael Katchan, Anton McKay, Justin Randall, Christian Read, Shaun Tan, Tom Taylor, Mel Tregonning and Colin Wilson)
Anthologies edited
   Mortal Fire (1987) (with Van Ikin)
Anthologies containing stories by Terry Dowling
Short stories
The Man Who Walks Away Behind the Eyes (1982)
The Maze Man (1984)
The Terrarium (1984)
The Bullet That Grows in the Gun (1985)
The Gully (1985)
The Only Bird In Her Name (1985)
Shatterwrack at Breaklight (1985)
A Dragon Between His Fingers (1986)
For As Long As You Burn (1986)
Housecall (1986)
The Last Elephant (1986)
The Man Who Lost Red [short story] (1986)
Marmordesse (1986)
Time of the Star (1986)
What We Did To The Tyger (1986)
The Quiet Redemption of Andy the House (1989)
Colouring the Captains (1990)
In the Dark Rush (1990)
Larrikin Wind (1990)
Mirage Diver (1990)
The Robot is Running Away From The Trees (1990)
So Much For The Burning Queen (1990)
Spinners (1990)
Vanities (1990)
A Deadly Edge Their Red Beaks Pass Along (1991)
The Honour of Them (1991)
Nobody's Fool (1991)
Roadsong (1991)
Breaking Through to the Heroes (1992)
Djinn of Anjoulis (1992)
Dreaming the Knife (1992)
The Final Voyage of Captain Gelise (1992)
Going to the Angels (1992)
The Mars You Have in Me [short story] (1992)
Privateer's Moon (1992)
Ship's Eye (1992)
A Song to Keep Them Dancing (1992)
Stoneman (1992)
They Found the Angry Moon (1992)
Totem (1992)
The Babel Ships (1993)
The Daemon Street Ghost-Trap (1993)
Fear-Me-Now (1993)
The Green Captain's Tale (1993)
The Leopard (1993)
Nights at Totem Rule (1993)
The Rediscovery of Tutankhamen's Tomb (1993)
Sailors Along the Soul (1993)
The Third Gift (1993)
A Whisper from a Voice at the Vanishing Point (1993)
Scaring the Train (1994)
The Echoes (1995)
Ships for the Sundance Sea (1995)
A Woman Sent Through Time (1995)
Beckoning Nightframe (1996)
His Own, the Star Alphecca (1996)
The Ichneumon and the Dormeuse (1996)
Jenny Come to Play (1997)
The Maiden Death (1997)
No Hearts to Be Broken (1997)
Sharing with Strangers (1997)
Downloading (1998)
He Tried to Catch the Light (1998)
Down Flowers (1999)
The View in Nancy's Window (1999)
Basic Black [short story] (2000)
Blackwater Days [short story] (2000)
Light From the Deep Pavillion (2000)
"The Saltimbanques" (2000)

World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (2001) : Blackwater Days