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Hannah Mary was born in the UK, grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada in 2010. After a successful career in recruitment, she quit the corporate world in favor of writing. Her Secret Son is Hannah Mary’s third novel. She lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and three sons, and is delighted by her twenty second commute. Connect with her on Facebook, on Twitter @HannahMMcKinnon, and on Instagram @HannahMaryMcKinnon.

Genres: Mystery
Hannah Mary McKinnon recommends
The Simple Wild (2018)
(Simple Wild, book 1)
K A Tucker
"Atmospheric, tender, and with feel-real characters who’ll make you laugh out loud and shed a few tears, this must-read book has it all. Cozy up and relax for the day, because you’ll want to do nothing but devour this stunning novel."
Leave No Trace (2018)
Mindy Mejia
"I fell in love with Mindy Mejia's EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE, and with LEAVE NO TRACE she solidifies her position as one of my go-to authors. Smart, sophisticated and with characters so real, I kept expecting Maya and Lucas to stroll out of the forest. This novel deserves the top-spot on your reading list!"
The Night in Question (2018)
Nic Joseph
"Who said only bad people do bad things...? In The Night in Question, Nic Joseph weaves an expertly paced and intriguing tale packed with lies, deceit, and sizzling tension. It'll certainly have the reader wondering how far they might go to protect what's most important to them."
River Bodies (2018)
(Northampton County, book 1)
Karen Katchur
"River Bodies is a dark, fast-paced, and gripping suspense with characters you won’t forget. It’s filled with old family secrets designed to protect but that instead pull everyone apart. A must read!"
Hunting Annabelle (2018)
Wendy Heard
"With a protagonist you'll almost hate to love, and more twists than a foot-long corkscrew, Hunting Annabelle is a compulsive, deliciously addictive psychological thriller that pulls you in from the first page, and doesn't let go until you've reached the shocking end. A must read!"
Until the Day I Die (2019)
Emily Carpenter
"In Until the Day I Die, Emily Carpenter proves once again she’s a thriller powerhouse. Packed with heroines you’ll cheer for, villains you’ll love to hate, and plot twists galore, this story will have you on the edge of your seat until you breathlessly turn the last page. What a ride!"
The Wolf Wants In (2019)
Laura McHugh
"In The Wolf Wants In, Laura McHugh expertly paints a stark and haunting picture, filled with tragedy and tenderness. Poignant, atmospheric, and utterly captivating, this novel, and its characters, will stay with me for a long time."
Woman on the Edge (2019)
Samantha M Bailey
"One word: Exhilarating! Woman on the Edge was impossible to put down as the twisty thrills kept on coming--and kept me guessing--leaving me breathless. Fans of Shari Lapena will no doubt gobble this one up in a heartbeat."
He Started It (2020)
Samantha Downing
"Sibling rivalry reaches new and downright despicable heights...Creepy, unnerving and deliciously evil, Samantha Downing is one of the boldest authors I know. A must read!"
The Perfect Secret (2020)
Steena Holmes
"Dark, twisted and packed full of suspense, with a protagonist you'll root for and creepy villains you'll love to hate, The Perfect Secret is a diabolical, masterfully told tale. Steena Holmes certainly knows how to grip her readers from the very beginning, and keeps them guessing until the satisfying end. I loved every page and this book isn't to be missed."
Hurry Home (2020)
Roz Nay
"Nay expertly creates real and deeply flawed characters...This tale about two sisters who love--and love to hate--is as dark as it is twisty, emotional and suspenseful. It's one that should be at the top of your 'to read' list right now."
For the Best (2020)
Vanessa Lillie
"In For the Best, Vanessa Lillie deftly writes about complex and gritty relationships, and the damage long-term familial secrets can cause. The story had me switching allegiances like it was a tennis match, made me suspect everyone, and the ending…pure perfection. A fast-paced read thriller lovers won’t want to miss!"
Bad Habits (2021)
Amy Gentry
"In Bad Habits, Amy Gentry deftly explores power struggles and their subtle—and not so subtle—shifts and consequences. As the truth of what happened one night a decade ago claws its way to the surface you’ll be switching your allegiances from left to right and back again. Whip-smart, and beautifully written, Bad Habits is one hell of an exploration of what can happen when friendship tangos with an insatiable appetite for success and control. This novel is unexpected, surprising and has a diabolical ending I won’t forget any time soon."
The Jigsaw Man (2021)
(Inspector Angelica Henley, book 1)
Nadine Matheson
"Nadine Matheson knows how to grab her reader’s attention from the opening page and doesn’t let go.The Jigsaw Manis smart, deftly plotted, and expertly paced, filled with characters you’ll love, and others who’ll make your skin crawl (and leave the lights on!). With a tale that’s dark, devious and deliciously twisted, Matheson brings a fresh new voice to crime fiction that I can’t wait to hear more from."
Lucky (2021)
Marissa Stapley
"With an original premise, a gutsy-yet-vulnerable heroine, dodgy villains, and bad choices galore, Marissa Stapley's highly entertaining Lucky is sure to wow readers. Fast-paced, skillfully crafted, and beautifully written, this book had me stay up late and get up early to find out what would happen to that winning lottery ticket. I loved it!"
Six Weeks to Live (2021)
Catherine McKenzie
"In Six Weeks to Live, Catherine McKenzie readily demonstrates what a deft storyteller she is. Suspicion reigns supreme in this twisted and sinister domestic suspense, and your allegiances are guaranteed to shift faster than a ping-pong match. Cleverly plotted and expertly paced, with an ending that’s sure to have you gasping out loud. Do yourself a favour and pop this on your 2021 reading list now."

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